Parisian Bourgeoisie Style: Midi Skirt, Tall Boot, Add a Sweater or Silk Scarf

Dec 10, 2019

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A prevalent style that shocked but simultaneously delighted fashion writers in Paris for the Fall 2019 season was the return of French fashion that let go of fashion have-tos and returned to, well, great Parisian style from the 60s and 70s.

Midi skirts, long sleeve and high collar blouses and sweaters, complete with high knee boots. After all, Paris in the late fall and winter is not warm, but it is not frigid either, so dressing well, yet remaining covered and warm is surely possible.

Street style has grasped willingly onto this trend as seen in the few images in today’s post, added a luxurious sweater or wool coat and demonstrated Parisian bourgeois style is functional, practical, and indeed beautiful as well. Céline and Hérmes along with more than a handful of other designers chose this silhouette for their collections (see in four images below), and a simple detail not to forget is the narrow waist belt which serves as a subtle but outfit finishing accessory. Have a look at how to pull this style together, and perhaps you too will be adopting it to rev up the style quotient in your wardrobe, but also to stay warm during the winter months as you go about your work day or weekend outings.



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9 thoughts on “Parisian Bourgeoisie Style: Midi Skirt, Tall Boot, Add a Sweater or Silk Scarf

  1. Goodness had similar outfits during decades mentioned. Always looked well dressed & felt warm, date I write, to boot.

  2. Adore, I have always loved this style, so practical! (Yes, chic, and so easy to make your own- very French. But also very Euro.)

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