Paris Runways Tease a Lovely (and Effortlessly Stylish) Spring 2020

Oct 01, 2019

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Spring is far, far away, yet watching the runway collections in Paris these past few days as made me oh so eager for it to arrive. From Altuzarra’s collection (see above and two items just below) sharing classic stripes, midi shirt dresses and timeless colors that will last for years making sure our wardrobes are forever in style to Christian Dior’s soft, sheer, print dresses that will blow with the spring breezes all the while offering a subtle chic statement, the styles are stunning and if only just one of these items makes its way into our closets, they will be items we will be able to wear for many years to come.

When it comes to curating effortless style for ourselves, as I shared in episode #103 and in even more depth in TSLL’s 2nd book, it takes time, but it does become easier to cultivate with time. As far as how to know what to welcome into your closet to build a wardrobe that embodies the concept of effortless style, be sure to check out this post.

To look at someone and define them as embodying effortless style, while I go into great depth in one of listeners’ favorite podcast episodes (#151), briefly it is about investing, keeping it simple as well as trusting the power of simple, yet significant signature pieces and details. But at the foundation is a woman or man who is confident, humbly so in themselves and while wearing the clothes, is offering more than what the clothes bring to the room.

I sincerely become excited when I see a dress that speaks to me or a blouse that will take my pants or jeans to the next level. But I also know that it is the woman who is wearing these items that makes it what the clothing cannot be on its own.

Choose thoughtfully, invest wisely and periodically and eventually, you will have a closet that makes you feel your best each day you get dressed.

Have a look at some of my favorite looks so far has shared during this week’s Paris RTW Spring 2020 runway collections, and see all of my pics here on TSLL’s Pinterest page.

~Altuzarra, spring 2020~
~Altuzarra, Spring 2020~
~Celine, spring 2020~
~Celine, spring 2020~
~Celine, spring 2020~
~Christian Dior, spring 2020~
~Christian Dior, spring 2020~
~Elie Saab, spring 2020~
~Elie Saab, spring 2020~
~Saint Laurent, spring 2020~
~Saint Laurent, spring 2020~
~Alexander McQueen, spring 2020~

~all images via Vogue Runway

9 thoughts on “Paris Runways Tease a Lovely (and Effortlessly Stylish) Spring 2020

  1. That last dress by Alexander McQueen is to die for. If only my grad student budget ran to designer clothes…

  2. I love the first few dresses except for one thing: WHY must designers make sleeves long enough for an orangutan? Which the models then show covering their hands. This fad. MUST. Go. Not only does it look slovenly, but it impedes anything I must do with my hands. Which is practically EVERYTHING. Yeah, this is a bête noire for me.

  3. A very apt caption. Indeed a tease! Lovely to look at especially the Alexander McQueen floral dress but way out of this mortals budget?

  4. Ah! J’adore, especially those teal Saint Laurent boots. Where do you watch the shows? Do they stream somewhere?

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