Outfit of the Week: No. 37

Sep 11, 2014

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As I mentioned this past summer, ankle jeans are a wonderful option for pant length, and are quite en vogue this fall season. And since fall is just about upon us, black is never a bad option to have at-the-ready when pulling together an outfit. Keep it simple, include mainly neutrals that you can mix and match with many other outfits, and then add a beautiful silk blouse full of color that complements your skin tone.  I was recently watching an old film with Uma Thurman – a unique beauty in her own right – and what I noticed is that the stylist, as it is their job to do, chose colors (bright colors from time to time) that made her look even more radiant. Many people wouldn’t want to choose the same colors, but on her, they looked perfect.

That is the key. Even if an item looks stunning on the model in online, ask yourself, is this in line with my coloring? (here is a quick guide to determine which “season” your skin tone aligns with).

Above you will find the outfit pulled together, but below you will find other price point options for each of the items. Happy shopping!


~Vince Camuto gray Jace Shopper~

~Vince Camuto black pumps~

~MiH Ellsworth black ankle jeans~


street style image


5 thoughts on “Outfit of the Week: No. 37

  1. I love the outfit inspiration- thank you for posting! I am so happy that ankle pant lengths are in style. I am tall and have trouble finding long enough lengths, so skinny jeans end up looking more like ankle pants! When this style goes out, I will go back to looking like I only wear high waters 🙂

  2. Love the gray coat on the picture of Uma Thurman, I guess (since you mentioned her name). Is there any chance you know the brand? 🙁

    1. Mary, unfortunately no. I’m not sure who is wearing the coat. Uma Thurman appeared in the film “Prime” which where I found inspiration for the post. If I find out about the coat, I’ll be sure to post the link. Thanks for stopping by!

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