Outfit of the Week: A Walk in the Snow to Find a Tree

Dec 05, 2018

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Recently, Norman and I went out for a walk in the first real snowfall of the season, and I was asked by a reader on Instagram what I wear when I trek outside in the snow with my boys. So, today’s Outfit of the Week was inspired!

Above you will see the boots I live in during the winter months here in Oregon and have worn since I have called Bend home (3+ years). When the trails become icy, I strap a pair of YakTrax to my boots and head out without worry of landing on my behind. Patagonia as well is a brand well worth the pricetag and the warmth is superb without too much of a puff. I have added a bit of style and brush of blush as well as some warm mittens that enable the hiker to take some beautiful photos along the way. And of course, when the cold becomes too much and home beckons, some delicious, dependable, go-to recipes to savor and warm back up, remembering a wonderful hour or two in the snowy woods. 

~Brooks Threshold Thermal Cold Weather Tight

~Nike Indy Light Dri-Fit Stretch Sports Bra~

~Sweaty Betty Breeze merino Long Sleeve Run Top~

~Patagonia Prow Bomber Jacket~

~L.L. Bean Shearling Lined Bean Boots~

~YakTrax Pro Traction Cleats for Walking, Jogging~

~Women’s Purrl Stitch Mitts~

~Holzweiler Burbot fringed checked wool and cashmere-blend scarf~

~UGG Pompom Cable Genuine Shearling Beanie (pink too)~

~The Home Cook: Recipes to Know By Heart by Alex Guarnaschelli 


8 thoughts on “Outfit of the Week: A Walk in the Snow to Find a Tree

  1. Love your snowy photo !
    We have been having grey skies and rainy days here in the UK for the past/couple of days, so it was nice to see some sunshine in your post ?
    I’ve just downloaded another copy of your new book onto my kindle , as I shall be travelling over Christmas and New Year this year , and wanted to take it with me, but not to take the weight of the hard copy !
    Hope that you have had a lovely week, Shannon
    Looking forwards to reading your newsletter and ‘ This and That ‘posts tomorrow .Best Wishes

  2. Dear Shannon,
    Thanks for the inspiration. Do you have any suggestions for a really stylish parka / down coat, warm enough for snow weather but not puffy, as I am not very fond of the Michelin-man-look? I am tired of searching high and low, to no avail: either puffy and well… “boring”?… :-/ Being an expensive piece, I am willing to invest in quality but have to find the item worthwhile of said investment, right?
    I came to know your work via Jeniffer L. Scott, and I am delighted with everything here! 🙂
    Thanks again and many greetings from Germany,
    Isabel R

    1. Thank you for saying Hello Isabel! ? My personal experience with Patagonia has been very positive and I know they have longer coats as well and they aren’t puffy or large (in fact, you can fold them into a small pocket pouch for traveling. I will keep my eyes out for more and share in the coming weeks if I do find any I would recommend. Have a lovely holiday season!

    1. Vicky, You’d be surprised how warm tights are if you are moving at a good, aerobic pace (which is what we often do when we go cross country skiing). But the key is to stay warm. So whatever works for you and your activities in the snow! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Love this useful post! I think the pink color of the merino top is awesome and I’ve always wondered about the llbean boots. I’ll put these on my wish list! Thanks!

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