Outfit of the Month: Super Sale Finds on Capsule Essentials

Jul 21, 2021

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Summer sales happen when we are all savoring time traveling, relaxing and typically staying off online more than usual; however, this is often precisely the time to scoop up some great deals on capsule items, and scoop them up fast as I realized when I stopped by Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale too late and missed a wonderful discount on a winter coat – oops!.

I recently purchased Theory’s sleeveless white eyelet cotton dress (above) and saved more than 50%. Wearing it for a Bastille Day dinner, I cinched my waist with a large brown leather belt, paired it with cut-out heel sandals from DVF I purchased years ago, packed a lightweight cashmere scarf for evening and felt more ‘me’ than I have in a long time as having dressed up for a personal outing has been few and far between, understandably due to the pandemic safety restrictions. It felt amazing.

The key to taking advantage of sales is to purchase items we would purchase at full price but the budget just won’t allow it or we just don’t want to pay that much. 🙂 Today’s Outfit of the Month is the second of July, but when I came across Theory’s crepe trench coat on drastic reduction, I had to share. That is a deal and a luxurious classic to have in your wardrobe for the upcoming autumn season as well as spring and perhaps summer depending upon where you live.

Okay, I have chatted enough. Time to shop (and save!). 🙂

~Theory sleeveless dress in eyelet cotton (all sizes available at posting, on top of the sale price, an additional 25% off at check out~

~Theory Oaklane Trench Coat in Crepe (all sizes available at posting time), on top of the sale price, an additional 25% off at checkout~

~S. Joon Cream Tulip large leather shoulder bag, 60% off~

~LOQ Tan Tere leather sandals (40% off)~

~Lauren Ralph Lauren Whitnee sandals~

~Natori feathers hipster briefs (Nordstrom Anniversary sale)~

~The Perfume Thief: A Novel by Timothy Schaffert (released August 3, 2021)~

~Oscar de la Renta earrings, 40% off~


5 thoughts on “Outfit of the Month: Super Sale Finds on Capsule Essentials

  1. Thank you for the tip about the trench. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for and such a great price.

    1. Amy, Happy to help! I trust Theory’s quality, and if I didn’t already have a beloved khaki trench of my own, I’d scoop up this item. You are going to look ever so effortlessly chic. 🙂

  2. Shannon, that dress is stunning. Perfect summer wear and could be dressed up, for a Francophile dinner perhaps? Or down to wander through the streets of France – as I’m sure at some point you will!
    Great taste and suggestions, as usual.

  3. Lovely dress Shannon. White and tan always look so summery. Great to dress up and party again. I got really dressed up (apart from Xmas) for the first time since the pandemic and went to an all night fete last Saturday and here in France they go on until the wee hours of the morning. .Then we had a bowl of warm onion soup before we left. xx

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