Outfit of the Month: Prepping for Autumn

Aug 18, 2021

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One more week, and then I have told myself I will start seriously looking at my fall capsule wardrobe, making lists of what I need, consigning what I don’t and I have to say, I am looking forward to wholeheartedly diving back into my wardrobe as I haven’t fully done this seasonal task since pre-pandemic days.

No matter what you are gearing up for this autumn, while we are still navigating restrictions, this fall, feels a bit more sartorially relevant than last fall, and for that I am excited.

This month’s Outfit is a precursor to TSLL’s Annual Fall Shopping Guide that will be posted here on the blog on Wednesday September 1st. Tucking in the light-weight cashmere sweater and layering with the cropped jacket creates lovely long lines revealing a touch of late summer with the sweater’s hue (the butter yellow). In an office with A/C, the jacket could easily be worn all day, and the shoes can be modern or classic, so I wanted to include both as they are available at good prices, and would work with many different outfits. Happy shopping!

~Lauren Ralph Lauren High-Rise Straight Ankle Jean~

~Joseph Yellow Cashier cashmere sweater~

~M.Gemi Arianna heeled sandal (black also available) or The Marlena 90mm heel~

~Vince cropped camel leather jacket (an investment piece)~

~Jennifer Fisher Gold Tube gold-plated cuff~

~Sandro Paris check-print tote bag~

~I Left My Homework in the Hamptons: What I Learned Teaching The Children of the One Percent by Blythe Grossberg (August 17, 2021)~


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8 thoughts on “Outfit of the Month: Prepping for Autumn

  1. Hi, Shannon! I’m looking forward to the same project, and would love to hear how that process – and your wardrobe – changes for you now that you’re likely working from home. I’m still trying to find solutions that have ease but a little polish. Also having a hard time letting go of clothing that really belongs to another life. Thanks!

    1. Pamela, Well said – ‘belongs in another life’. Certainly a reason to celebrate, your awareness of this truth. Yes, I will definitely be sharing as I go what I discover. I suspect that more clothing posts will return to TSLL as now the big decisions are complete for the house renovations and I can focus on the style that is sartorial and not permanent decor decisions that I will live with for many years. I am tickled to have had the opportunity to do what I have done these past two years, but I am excited to step back into my closet and really immerse myself. Just thinking about editing my closet gives me happy goosebumps! (that sounds weird, but I think you understand 🙂 ) Thank you for stopping by Pamela.

  2. Love living where there are changing seasons (Lake Arrowhead, California) in a lake and mountain community. I’ve noticed a scent in the air that the fall season is on its way! Time to change out the wardrobe and a few of my house decor items.

    1. Diana, I have noticed that same subtle shift of scents as well! Autumn is nearing – and it is kind of fun and inspiring to witness in a variety of ways in our lives. Enjoy the shift!

  3. It’s the subtle light shifts of dark to light that, every year, once I notice, astonishes, delights, and excites me, as this is the herald of the coming new season. The light and shadows begin to slant, the former becoming a bit more golden, the latter, a bit more clarified, yet darker. I adore this shift to autumn. And yes, it is has always been, for me, a time of clearing, definition, joy, a welcomed time of rooting back to. And that absolutely includes a serious consideration of my Fall wardrobe😉, especially since a few dynamics have changed. But I am still of the mindset that, whatever the dynamics, one can still go on as we once did. Because weren’t we doing it for ourselves ultimately?😘

  4. I love the seasons .Partly because I grew up in the tropics. Each season brings its own delights but I am partial to autumn with its golden tones. it’s the time of harvest, collecting and sorting. As summer starts to wind down, anticipating cosy evenings as the light fades .Days and nights become more balanced. I am about to curate my wardrobe drastically, so will be looking for inspiration Shannon. I imagine you are looking forward to a clearing out some of the clothes that do not fit with your new lifestyle. I am not normally keen on yellow hues for clothing but I love the yellow sweater. It’s so subtle. xx

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