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Jul 30, 2019

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Returning to tried and trusted brands is something I am fond of doing, if nothing else because it makes shopping and decision-making easier. But even the most trusted brands change hands, even when their label doesn’t (i.e. Diane von Furstenberg handing over the reins of DVF to Jonathan Saunders initially for example, and then to Nathan Jenden, both of whom, in my opinion offered and are offering some beautiful new feminine, yet modern looks). But not every label successfully transitions a brand from one designer to the next which is one reason why it is a good idea to keep an eye out for new and different brands, especially smaller and lesser well-known.

The online destination & Other Stories is a contemplation of three ateliers from around the globe. Founded in 2010, the ateliers that contribute clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and more hail from Paris, Los Angeles and Stockhom, and after seeing the dress and style ensemble above, I wanted to learn more about this online shopping destination.

Initially beginning as a cosmetic brand, & Other Stories has fully expanded in offering clothing and everything in between that you would need to complete an entire look.

As it is summer, I have gravitated to perusing all of their dresses which is what I tend to wear by default in the warmer months. As such, I have found many that I would love to wear. And with very affordable prices, it may be possible to welcome one or two into my closet.

If anything catches your eye (I’ve shopped a few items below), be sure to sign up for their newsletter to save an immediate 10% off your first purchase. Have a look at not only dresses, but jackets, shoes, totes, tops, skirts and more below, and then pop by to visit their entire site here.

~Polka Dot Midi Wrap Dress, green; Floral Halter Midi Dress; Blue Slip Dress, blue leopard, designed in Paris~

~Structured Belted workwear Jacket, black & cream, ~


~Waist Knot Midi Dress, blue dots, Satin Knot Tie Midi Wrap Skirt, Collared Relaxed Fit Satin Shirt,~

~Belted Midi blue Polka Dot Shirt Dress and Linen Midi Wrap Dress, White, Polka Dot Midi Wrap Dress, red,~

~Large Woven Straw Striped Tote, Half Moon Snake Leather Crossbody Bag, Structured Leather Square Tote, Cat Eye Sunglasses, Slingback Leather Sandals, ~



6 thoughts on “Stylish, Affordable & Feminine: & Other Stories

  1. I love And Other Stories. I actually have that white linen wrap dress. They have a way of designing classics that still feel modern and young, and much of their clothing is made in natural materials.

  2. Yes, I like their designs too, but just for the record the company is actually a brand under the H&M Group.

  3. Love the belted dress in the opening picture with the cornflower blue flowers Shannon. Where is that from?

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