This & That: October 7, 2016

Oct 07, 2016

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There are many website and apps that help you find a cheaper price on travel, but have you tried Hopper yet? If you haven’t, be sure to check it out. Free to download, Hopper surveys each day of the month and shows you the price on any given day. The prices change, so alerts are available. A simple, helpful app that eliminates the constant searching.


Korres Lip Butter

The Wall Street Journal recently spotlighted the Internet’s Top 10 Word-of-Mouth Beauty Products and Korres Lip Butter made the list. As someone who always has lip moisturizer at the ready, the reviews are promising and with four tinted options, I look forward to checking it out.


The Bitch is Back: Older, Wiser, and (Getting) Happier by Cathi Hanauer

Following her bestselling book The Bitch is in the House, author Cathi Hanauer brings back nine of the women who shared their stories more than ten years ago as well as welcomes 16 new voices to share their journey of growth in the areas of love, sex, work, family, independence, body-image, health, and aging. Those that have returned reflect on their original essays and examine where they’ve come from, how they have changed and what they have learned. A unique amalgamation that offers insights, and a reminder that we are not alone.

How to Be Alive: A guide to the Kind of Happiness that Helps the World by Colin Beavan

Released earlier this year, if you are looking to discover how living a life that feels good but also does good, How to Be Alive is the book for you. Offering inspiration from world renowned philosophers and writers as well as recent scientific findings and people who are already living the life he writes is possible for us all, discover how to live a more fulfilling life than you may have even imagined.

In the Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Makers, Artists & Entrepreneurs by Grace Bonney

Already a best-seller having been released this past Tuesday, decor and lifestyle blogger Grace Bonney’s new book In the Company of Women is a book to thoroughly enjoy and find endless inspiration. No matter what your niche or interest, age, or where you call home, Bonney’s book offers page after page of inspiration and motivation to keep pursuing your dreams. The women are strong, successful, persistent and offer gems of wisdom. Having had the opportunity to read an advanced copy, you won’t regret picking up this book.



After reading a short article in The New Yorker chronicling Rachel Weisz meeting the woman she portrayed in the new film “Denial” Deborah Lipstadt, I wanted to learn more about the film. Based on Lipstadt’s book which included World War II historian David Irving among Holocaust deniers, Iriving sues Lipstadt for libel jumpstarting a legal battle that is depicted in the film. A search for the truth provoked by a horrific time in history. Have a look at the trailer below.

—Girl on a Train

If you haven’t already read the best-selling novel by British author Paula Hawkins, you might not be aware of this psychological thriller and the many twists and turns in store when you go to the theater. Opening today, Emily Blunt stars as the woman on the train, but her backstory and why she regularly watches the couple that is the focus of the story is convoluted to say the least. However, it is worth reading and watching and the ending will be worth the anxiety. Have a look at the trailer below.

Francophile Find

Chez Moi: Decorating Your Home and Living Like a Parisienne by Sarah Lavoine

Being released this coming Tuesday (October 11th), interior decorator Sarah Lavoine has the Francophile book of the year I believe. Full of interior decorating advice for creating a contemporary Parisian abode along with girl-next-door-comfort, she offers room by room advice, but there’s more. Much more. From tips on fashion, beauty, shopping and cooking, Lavoine even shares secrets for navigating each arrondissement like a local. Full of beautiful illustrations, my book has already been ordered, and I cannot wait to dive in.


Divorce starring Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker returns to HBO, albeit in a much different role, but a role offering a reason to sit down and enjoy HBO again with SJP at the helm. Starring alongside Thomas Haden Church, the couple endures a tortuously long divorce in this new comedy set in the suburbs outside of New York City. Have a look at the trailer below and tune in this Sunday at 10pm.




~recipe for Salted Chocolate Caramel Tart~

Moments for coffee and chatting. Time for nibbling on something decadently delicious. Ah, yes, it is the weekend. And I have some articles below that you might enjoy. In the meantime, final touches are being put on the blog redesign that will be revealed soon, so I will be working a little more than usual this weekend, but oh, how I cannot wait to share what we’ve been up to. Thank you for your patience and thank you for your suggestions. This change is for the readers as we have outgrown what has been our home for many years. Until Monday, bonne journée!

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