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Mar 28, 2014

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3.28.14mousse ~the recipe for Strawberry Mousse~

Experiencing anything for the first time can have a powerful impression, and when we are willing to be authentically ourselves in the moment it can be daunting and trepidatious. However, when we bring our authentic selves with the armor down, we allow for the response to be more truthful and revealing in return, giving us feedback that is quite valuable.

This past week I have spent time exploring Bend, Oregon, and have had the opportunity to be introduced to the city by four people who have lived here for quite some time. Each person’s perspective was unique and quite helpful, and by allowing myself to be honest about what I was curious to explore, I discovered an abundance of rich information.

Wherever your weekend takes you, why not choose to show up as you truly are without the masks, without the armor? You might be surprised at the connections that are established and the experiences you create.

Speaking of benefits of staying true to your ourselves and the path you wish your life to follow, I’ve picked up a few articles you might enjoy and an additional one that made for intriguing reading.

~40 Amazing Things You Will Never Forget

~25 Reasons We Love Gloria Steinem on her 80th Birthday . . . be sure to read #11

~Heather Clawson of Habitually Chic will be living in Paris for four months, so the packing decisions need to be made What Should I Pack for Paris?  whatever she packs, I know she will be tres chic, and I for one can’t wait to follow her along her journey.

~The Atlantic’s thoughts on CBS’s big shock of an episode last Sunday . . . Why That Big Twist on The Good Wife is a Breakthrough for TV

Have a wonderful last weekend of March, and until the weekend’s Petit Plaisir, bonjour.

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