A Noteworthy Neckline

May 16, 2017

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The choice of the v-neck is a personal one, both for women and for men. A deep v or a subtle v. Part of the reason I gravitate toward the v-neck choice is the optics of elongating the body and the neck, as well as taking the focus away from my broad shoulders and giving the appearance of narrowing the silhouette. Of course it is all an illusion, but when we know how to dress our bodies, we know how to accentuate their unique beauty.

As a fan of light-weight v-neck cashmere sweaters for spring and summer, when I came across Closed cashmere-silk navy knit, I put it on my shopping list (have a look here). Worn with a pencil skirt to work, denim or pants, this versatile, quality item would be a optimal essential in the capsule wardrobe. Along with v-neck tops, dresses and wrap coats offer the same benefits and offer a classic, flattering aesthetic.

Have a look at inspiration below and remember to click the image to be redirected to the original source.


7 thoughts on “A Noteworthy Neckline

  1. I love v-necks not only for their ability to elongate visually (at 5′, that is something I sorely need!), but they add a touch of femininity without going over-the-top girlie by showing off a nice set of clavicles. (If you thought for a moment that I was going to say a nice set of something else, then that particular v-neck is cut much too low!)

  2. I was just looking at a white v neck t shirt by my favorite Canadian designer, Judith and Charles. I’ll buy it now that you explained the whole lengthening, broad shoulders phenomenon What is the best t shirt to wear under a v neck sweater? Another v-neck or a round neck? Thanks so much Shannon! I just got the two Ines de la Fressange books for Mothers Day and am savoring them! Bisous.

    1. To answer your question: first, what is the purpose for wearing the tee under the sweater – warmth or style? If it is style, you want to keep the v-neckline to elongate and wearing a crew neck would negate that effect. The books are such wonderful resources – Enjoy!

  3. Any details on the cream colored sweater with the elbow length sleeves in the third picture down? When I click it, I get a “this page can’t be displayed” message. Would love to know more about that sweater!

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