Why Not . . . Wear Sunglasses?

Aug 17, 2016

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Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany‘s, Jackie Kennedy in the 1960s and Anna Wintour as she goes from one front row seat during New York Fashion Week to the next. All three women don a simple, yet powerful accessory – a pair of sunglasses.

Such a simple accessory that sometimes its power is forgotten about, not included or dismissed. However, even on vacation when you’ve left your perfect outfit at home by accident, you can place a pair of sunglasses upon your ears, shade your eyes and elevate your style quotient, not to mention protect your eyes and skin.

While there are about as many options for a pair of sunglasses as there are colors in the universe, the classics will always remain for a reason, and if you would prefer to have some fun, the sky is the limit.

So what are some of the benefits of wearing sunglasses and why should you always have a go-to pair on hand? Let’s talk about it below . . .

1. Reveal a personality

As the senior fashion editor of Vogue Japan regularly demonstrates with her street style (see below),  Giovanna Battaglia never forgets to reveal a signature style. And these Gucci sunglasses do just that. If you want your sunglasses to communicate your style more fervently than a classic complementary shape, choose a pair that will capture the attention of others and reveal that you have a creative side.


~shop the Gucci sunglasses here~


2. Accentuate your beautiful facial features

Model, author and iconic French woman who embodies the effortless chic persona Caroline De Maigret demonstrates the power of sunglasses, classic black oversized square sunglasses: they accentuate your beautiful facial features: smile, cheekbones and in her case here perfectly, purposefully messy hair style. While many women have beautiful eyes, choosing to wear sunglasses is still a way to accentuate other beautiful features without doing much of anything.


~shop similar square sunglasses here~

3. Protect your eyes

Wearing sunglasses is a worthwhile thing to do year round as they can protect your eyes from the UV rays from the sun which, with prolonged exposure, can cause cataracts, macular degeneration, pingueculae, pterygia and photokeratitis that can cause temporary vision loss (learn more here). As well, simply protecting your eyes from dust, allergens and debris is another reason to slip on your sunnies.


~shop similar clubmaster sunglasses here~


4. Protect the delicate skin around your eyes

And the protection continues. The skin around your eyes is some of the most delicate skin on your body. And while applying sunscreen is a must, additional protection from the sun by the way of your sunglasses, is not a bad idea to prevent premature wrinkles. (My favorite facial sunscreen which I use everyday before I go out walking with my dogs in the morning is La Roche-Posay Anthelios – 50 spf and waterproof). Beauty and health all wrapped into one fun decision.



5. Versatile accessory

Much like certain neutral colors or a classic trench, choosing to accessorize with a pair of sunglasses is hardly ever, if ever, going to be a bad fashion decision. Whether worn with a formal gown or ripped denim, sunglasses work. They just do.


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6. A simple alternative to eye make-up

Now, most of the time, our mascara and concealer, eye shadow and liner will be in place, but sometimes, we just need to slip out to do an errand, and we either don’t have time or don’t want to bother with make-up. Slipping on our favorite sunglasses is a simple and foolproof option. As I mentioned in one of the first posts of TSLL blog, one component of my weekend uniform is my sunglasses. A simple accessory that works magic.

The simplicity of choosing to wear sunglasses is part of the beauty, and once you realize how much they can elevate an outfit, the only question you have to ask yourself is “Why Not?”. Below I have some shopping guidelines to help you find your perfect shade, and I also have done some shopping for you of my favorite brands in a variety of different styles and colors. So long as you take care of your sunglasses, always put them in their case, find a home for them so you always know where to find them, an investment pair can last for years and always look incredible.

Now, for me, I stick to the classics: a pair of aviators and black oversized square shades. And if you are someone as well who likes to stick with the classics, how do you know which size and style is best for your face’s shape? Well, for lovers of the over-sized (which just about any face can wear and look stunning), Vint & York offers the following advice:

  • No Cheek Touching – The frames should sit comfortably on your face without touching your cheeks, whether you’re relaxing or grinning from ear to ear.  If the frames touch your cheeks, it means they’re too big for your face.
  • Show your eyebrows – don’t hide your eyebrows behind your glasses, or the overall effect will be odd.  You should aim for your eyes to be peeking out from the center of the glasses.
  • Frame your face – oversized sunglasses shouldn’t dominate your face – if the frames are wider than your face, they’re too big for you.
  • Arm Positioning – if the ends (arms) of the glasses don’t rest comfortably over your ears, they are too small (often encountered by men with larger features).
  • Frame Size – choose frames that feel comfortable – a frame that is too big for you may start to feel too heavy and uncomfortable as the day wears on and give you a headache.
  • The Smile Test – Do the “Smile Test” — it works every time — if you smile and the glasses noticeably rise off your nose bridge, move on to the next pair!

As for which shape will work best with your face shape, if you like Ray-Ban classic shades, click here for their guide, and for an overall guide, take a look at Sunglass Warehouse’s visual graphic below:



Shop a variety of sunglasses below, and be sure to stop by The Outnet for discounted designer shades where I have purchased all of my sunglasses from in the past few years. 


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