Why Not . . . Build a Capsule Swimwear Wardrobe?

Apr 20, 2016

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With warmer days becoming more common and fewer nights with the temperatures dropping below freezing, the change of seasons indicates a change in what we choose to wear as well. Which means, swimsuit season is nearly upon us, but no longer does this realization have to strike fear or cause us to refuse to update our swimwear wardrobe.

In fact, much like our seasonal fall and spring capsule wardrobes, our swimwear wardrobe is something to invest in, tend to and keep updated as we never know when we might get an opportunity to sunbathe on the beaches of the Mediterranean or slip into an infinity pool at the vacation home we’re invited to visit. And when we do excitedly accept the invitation, knowing our wardrobe will ensure we feel comfortable and confident will increase the enjoyment of the experience.

From swimsuits to cover-ups to accessories and sunscreen as well as swim shirts, if your summer play/leisure wardrobe is up-to-date, you will be prepared to enjoy anything the warmer temperatures make available. The key is to take your time building your wardrobe. Maybe you only have a few of these items purchased for the upcoming summer, but keep your eyes peeled for quality items that suit your taste and your body. Before long you will have a wardrobe that always leaves you looking beautiful and feeling comfortable and confident.

1. Swimsuit

The key to loving the swimsuit we have in our closet is whether it respects our curves, complements our skin tone and shows exactly what we want as well as what we don’t. Each of our bodies change as we move through life, and as much as keeping our vintage bikini from our early-twenties may seem like a powerful motivator to lose weight, we need to move forward, purchase a swimsuit that we look stunning in and continue to eat and live well. We absolutely may return to the physique we wish we were or we may even work-out our way into a body we’ve never been and absolute love moving in. Either way, shop for the body you are now, so you can shine in the present.

There are endless websites and blog posts dedicated to figuring out which swimsuit works for certain body types, so I won’t add to the list. However, what I will share are two links: Oprah’s tips for selecting the best one for your physique as well as Instyle’s that will assist in selecting the best swimsuit for your body and lifestyle.

When it comes to swimsuits, I find that the earlier you buy the better as there is more selection and less disappointment with what you end up with. You also have more time to return and purchase the size that works for your body. In fact, if you are ordering online, purchase two different sizes, try them on at home and return the size that doesn’t work. This will save time and it will give you a means to compare.

Below are a few swimsuits that have caught my eye this season. Note that many of the colors you see in the images are just one of the many options available in that style and cut, so be sure to click through. Also, The Outnet is a wonderful destination for designer swimsuits available at a discounted price. In fact, it is where I picked up my swimsuit this year. Shop here.

Shop More:

2. Tunic or Cover-up

Ideal for transitioning from the beach to the terrasse or even wearing all day to protect your shoulders from the sun, the cover-up or a tunic is a worthwhile investment to add your signature style. Some prefer sheer, but opaque cotton is a wonderful option for layering as it can work in your spring/summer wardrobe as well.

Shop Here:

3. Sunglasses

The sunnies are a must whether on the beach or in the car, and having a pair that can transition for all of your activities is key. A fan of aviators which work well across seemingly all avenues, so long as you choose a pair that complements your face, a color that works with your skin tone and a style that you love regardless of the rules, you are set to protect your eyes and unnecessary skin damage.

4. Wide-brimmed hat

The sun hat is loved by some, but I know not by all; however, I am still determined to find one I love. A straw-like fedora suits my taste, but large brimmed sun hats are truly stunning and offer a wealth of protection from the sun. Again, find a size that works for your head as well as your face, and you will always have your own shade no matter how hot the temperatures rise.

5. Kaftan

Kaftans seem to be a piece of art in and of themselves, so have fun selecting the precise one that speaks to you and your style. Similar to a maxi without showing any (or much skin), a kaftan works for more formal summer events and only asks to be accessorized.

6. Maxi dress

For travel, for strolling on the beach, for shopping, for . . . well, just about anything during the warmer months, a maxi dress provides comfort and the opportunity to feel the sun on your skin without showing too much of it. Choose sleeveless, strapless or with short-sleeves and layer with a simple denim jack or wrap.

Shop Here:

7.Beach tote

No, our leather handbag that we’ve taken the time to invest in probably isn’t the best thing to take near the water as we all undoubtedly know, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Choose a canvas or straw beach tote and have some fun with what you select. Go classic, minimalist with a straw tote or playful and carefree with a statement canvas hold-everything tote. It’s up to you, but it’s certainly a “do”.

8. Swimshirts or rashguards

Now that the paddle boarding bug has officially bitten me, and I am looking forward to regular morning and evening jaunts on the river in the summer, having a rash guard or swim shirt is something I am on the hunt for. After all, sometimes the mornings are still quite brisk, and then there are other instances when I just don’t want to wear my swimsuit. Available in short and long sleeves, they save the trouble of having to apply sunscreen and with all the options, style will not be sacrificed.

Shop Here:

9. Sandals

When it comes to sandals, there are three I have on hand each summer season: espadrilles, a neutral flat sandal and a black flat sandal. Whether paired with a maxi dress, a shift, or ankle jeans and even shorts, I am assured I have the right shoes for any occasion. And my favorite sandal that I have worn for more than four years and it continues to be my go-to favorite is seen below: Tory Burch’s Miller Flip Flip (many color options available).

Shop Here:

10. Sarong

The classic sarong is a lovely staple to style a variety of ways. Similar to the swimsuit or the kaftan, the colors, lengths and designs are endless. Have fun and have patience finding one that works best with your wardrobe and signature style.

11. Sunscreen

Everyone has a different preference, but I am all about the no-sun policy. However, yes, I do enjoy going outside, so I lather on the 60 spf. If I do need to have some sun, the airbrush spray-tan at my favorite spa is always available and my skin is left as elastic for as long as possible. Again, just my preference. Here is the sunscreen I put on my face everyday I am going to be outside even if for a little while morning or evening as well.

And now bring on the sunshine, the beautiful early mornings, the long leisurely warm late nights. For more capsule wardrobe shopping, click here.


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5 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Build a Capsule Swimwear Wardrobe?

  1. I have different suits for different occasions. At home, I have a one-piece for exercising and seriously swimming, after the sun is off the pool. When the sun is still on it, I cover up (less sunscreen keeps the pool cleaner), with a shorts bottom and a rash guard. Same at the beach, which isn’t far–I prefer being covered to risking a burn. A man’s shirt also looks cool with a swimsuit as a coverup. A man’s shirt and a sarong is a great combination.
    For sunblock, I really like Bioderma, which doesn’t irritate my skin.

  2. Such a great post! I love Summer fashion shopping and a capsule swimsuit wardrobe is so fun to complete! I realized I needed to buy a new swimsuit this year, and I’m also still looking for the perfect tote. Makes me dream of the sunny days of Summer…:-)

  3. Hi Shannon! I love the Lands’ End long sleeve sun shirts, which are a bit cheaper (and often on sale with frequent site-wide discounts) and look great. I’ll toss on a navy blue, breton stripe, or white sun shirt with nearly anything if I’m out in the sun, and also use them for working out or swimming. Just wanted to pass this along – I don’t shop much at Lands’ End but these have been a great find for me and I buy a couple now every summer.

  4. I loved this post. What a great idea! In reference to hoping to find a sunhat you love, I love my hats from Coolibar. Each of mine has an elastic hatband inside that allows the hat to stay on while also absorbing sweat. I have had a few skin cancers removed so wearing a hat is required. Once I tried one from Coolibar, I quit buying others. Now I have six – for all occasions – and I receive a lot of compliments on them.

    Also, I agree with Lindsay, the Lands’ End shirts are great and I wear them for more than just swimming.

    Thanks for your blog and podcasts. Always a treat!

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