This & That: No. 145

Feb 13, 2015

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~The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty by Amanda Filipacchi

After listening to the review on NPR of Amanda Filipacchi’s new book, my typical non-fiction predilection was intrigued enough to want to read what looks to be a wonderful fictional tale. Being released February 16th, the novel is set in New York City as a group of artistic friends confront the idea of beauty in our modern world. Determined to find lasting love that isn’t dependent upon one’s beauty, their findings may not surprise you, but will certainly open the your eyes.


~Rachel Khoo’s Muesli & Granola: Delicious Breakfast and Snack Ideas

Rachel Khoo is without a doubt one of my favorite food personalities. With her The Little Paris Kitchen cooking show and cookbooks, she now has a few more that are available in the states. With her bubbly personality and ardent curiosity for food, a cookbook for delicious snacks certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea to have around the house. This is the cookbook of hers I have on hand and have loved selecting recipes from.


~Sunday Morning Jazz

As someone who is always looking to jazz at the end of the day or during my day to calm me down or simply unwind, when I came upon this album, I was eager to listen. And in doing so, my expectations were exceeded. This past week while I’ve been working on the blog, I have had this cd playing “Give Me The Simple Life” and “Isn’t It a Lovely Day” throughout the house. Light-hearted and upbeat without being at all obnoxious, it will delight and soothe all at the same time.


~Rachel Zoe Air Dress

With thoughts of spring, Rachel Zoe’s navy sheer midi dress is feminine, yet modern. I certainly will be keeping this bookmarked for future sales.

~Rebecca Taylor Lena Ruffle Dress

A simple sleeveless dress for day and weekend wear, Rebecca Taylor’s 100% silk black print dress would drape beautifully on many body types. Wear with flats or sandals, layer with a jacket or not and be sure to be comfortable, yet stylish.


~Kenu Smartphone Tripod

One of the details I prefer when it comes to my phone cover is the ability to prop it up. So much so that I will buy a hideous, bulky phone case solely for this feature. Well, thankfully, my problem is solved, and now I can purchase a more flattering case. Kenu offers this creative tripod that simply inserts into your phone’s charging outlet and offers a cable adapter so you can charge while it sits. For under $30, why not?

baked~recipe for Baked Blueberry Oatmeal~

The weekend has arrived and I am giddy about it. Are you? A simple weekend of staying home, puttering in the yard and finishing up a few decor projects – a most ideal way to spend a few days off, I must admit. With New York Fashion Week in full swing, I too am excited to see what designers are bringing down the runways, and if I find time to read a magazine or book, I will be beyond content.

How about you, for the weekend, what do you have in store? I don’t know about you, but starting the day as the images above display doesn’t look half bad. Have you ever had baked oatmeal? Oh, if you haven’t, I highly suggest, and this is a recipe I look forward to trying. A decadent treat, so ideal for the weekend or a special Valentine’s Day treat.

Whatever you have planned, I do hope it is lovely and leisurely. While you luxuriate in leisure, here are a few articles you might enjoy, and be sure to check out my pinterest board full of my favorite pics from NYFW F2015 as it will be updated regularly throughout the weekend and next week.

~Heather of Habitually Chic shares her skincare secrets and I’m taking note!

~An interesting study on whether or not putting down our smartphones more often provokes more creativity

~When it comes to chic cottage decor, Frances Schultz is the expert I turn to, so when she officially announced the release date of her upcoming book, I put it on my calendar – have a look at the announcement and book here.

~This article tries to pinpoint the secret to happiness by observing the behaviors of happy people.

~Seeking inner peace? Try these 10 Suggestions. 

~And the sofa I’ve always been smitten with – 20 Signs You Should Buy A Chesterfield Sofa

~And lastly, 20 unignorable facts that lead to happiness, longevity and success

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3 thoughts on “This & That: No. 145

  1. Love the suggestions for inner peace. I didn’t know this website and LOVE these types of sites. I love the suggestion of finish what you start (and close the circle). As I can be someone who jumps from one shiny thing (usually books) to another, the idea of closing the circle is a great way for me to keep on track. Great suggestions as always. Enjoy your weekend x

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