This & That: No. 144

Feb 06, 2015

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~Oui in France

Not only is blogger Diane of Oui in France a doggie mama to an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Dagny, but she married a French man and lives in western France. So, yep, I’m intrigued. Her blog kicked off in 2012 and she hasn’t looked back since. Stop by, peruse, fall in love and put on your blog reader. A treat indeed. Here are a few posts that caught my eye – here, here and here.


~1000 Foods to Eat Before You Die

If you love food and love to try new foods, this is your foodie bible. A best-seller last year for travel cushiness, Mimi Sheraton offers scrumptious descriptions to tempt your taste buds and nudge you to travel all the more.

~The French Art of Revenge by Mark Zero

A French caper that involves Yves Saint Laurent, a stolen painting and eluding the police. A cozy mystery to transport you to Paris and savor.


~Inside Avenue

Shop beautiful, statement making decor from accessories to furniture. Not necessarily bargain prices, but certainly items worth saving up for. This tray, this table lamp, and this wallpaper are just a few of the items that caught my eye,


~Ella Eyre, “If I Go”

While I am by no means someone who is in the know when it comes to music, when I hear a song that makes me tap my toes I will explore further its origins, and if it moves me to actually physically dance whether I’m driving in my car or grooving around my living room, I am then on a mission to figure out where to download the tune. So was the case last Thursday when I heard Ella Eyra’s song at the tail end of Grey’s Anatomy.


~BCBG Maxazria ivory sheer woven blouse

Perfect for layering, a beautiful white sleeveless blouse that will save your wallet.



~recipe for Green Asparagus Soup with Fried Scallops~

A week that flew by, but was productive and full of a few delightful surprises along the way – such a week is certainly something to be grateful for. What good news you may be asking . . . well, in a few days I will be able to announce the first date for TSLL book signing that will take me some place I’ve never been and hopefully give readers a chance to ask a few of the questions they might have about how to create their very own simply luxurious life. Be sure to subscribe to this newsletter which will alert you to any and all book news whenever it is announced or simply stop by my author website and visit the Events page to see my schedule.

I do hope your week went well as February kicked off. Are you too getting excited for spring? Making plans, noticing the daffodils that are beginning to pop out of the ground and treat us to their brilliant yellow hue? Ah, it will be here before we know it. So with that understanding, I am soaking up the last few weekends of winter with ample time reading, dreaming and enjoying the last of the fires in my fireplace.

Here are a few articles you may enjoy if you too are taking some time to just unwind, relax and savor the weekend:

~Technically, the 2015 is still young. Why not set these nine mantras as goals to achieve: 9 Things You Should Be Able to Say About Your Life

~Take a tour of Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burtka’s Harlem townhouse which is the feature in this month’s Architectural Digest.

~An interesting article from the Atlantic Monthly: How Real Are Facebook Friendships?

~In the kitchen this weekend or entertaining in the near future? View Saveur’s Easy Crostini Recipes

Until Monday, bonjour!


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11 thoughts on “This & That: No. 144

  1. Off topic question… but I would love to know how your store your BR wrap dresses in your closet. Or any wrap dress for that matter. If I hang… the shoulders lose shape due to the weight of the dress. If I fold over a hanger or fold it comes out with the worst of wrinkles! Any advice would be fabulous!

    Happy Friday! xo

  2. Happy Friday, Shannon! I always look forward to This & That because I always learn something new. Thanks to you I’ve read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying and the uplifting Marc and Angel blog. You help keep me informed with whatever is interesting and relevant: books, fashion, movies, magazines, music. Thank you!

  3. my husband and i went to see bastille perform live in concert at the shrine expo in los angeles recently, and ella eyre was one of the opening acts… i was not familiar with her before, but her performance was immediately gripping – she is a talented little spit-fire full of strength and charisma… since then, i am pleased to see her presence is expanding… these opportunities to share what is out there – from books, to blogs, and beyond – make the online community an indispensable resource! thank you for sharing your variety of finds – i really enjoy looking into them…

    1. Brittainie, Thank you for sharing this experience. I can only imagine she was fun to watch in concert. There is just something about her vocals that catch my ear and prompt me to start dancing. Thank goodness no one can see me. 🙂

  4. Hi Shannon,
    Your blog is one of three that I read on a regular basis and have been enjoying doing so for about 3 years now – thank you – I love it! I’m a Canadian expat who has lived in London, England for many, many years and I try to get to Paris once a year too so we are definitely kindred spirits.
    The link provided for Green Asparagus Soup with Fried Scallops in this post actually goes to the Architectural Digest feature. Are you able to provide the correct link to this divine looking recipe please?
    With many thanks.

    1. Jill,

      Thank you for bringing the error to my attention! I believe it is fixed. You will be taken to a page full of food images. Simply scroll down to the Asparagus Soup image and click on it. You will then see the recipe.

      1. Shannon,

        The link is in indeed fixed. Thank you!

        Enjoy one of your cherished weekends whether that be reading, dog walking, cooking, entertaining, spring wardrobe shopping, travelling or just chilling.


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