This & That: No. 141

Jan 16, 2015

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~Article to Read

~To Fall in Love with Anyone, Do This via The New York Times 

As absurd as the title sounds, I highly recommend reading the article if only to understand the why behind the experiment. On the surface it entails two components: answering these 36 questions and staring into each other’s eyes for four minutes.  Whether you are looking for love or simply for strengthening any relationship – parent/child, friendship, etc. the concepts are basic, but founded in the idea that when we are able to make ourselves vulnerable and this energy is exchanged, deeper connections can be firmly established. Certainly something to think about.


~Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives by Gretchen Rubin

Answering the question of how do we make the changes we seek in our lives with the mastering of habits, The Happiness Project author/blog Gretchen Rubin’s is about to release her latest book (March 17).  Offering specific, concrete steps about how to establish the habits we wish we had in our lives that would enable us to live the lives we dream of, Rubin answers the questions that typically stand in our way: Why is creating a habit so hard? How long will it take to establish a habit?.  While it may not be available as we begin the new year, this new book just might be what you’re looking for to assist in achieving your new year’s resolutions.


~The Heidi Chronicles

Mad Men‘s Elizabeth Moss stars in Wendy Wasserstein’s Pultizer and Tony award winning drama The Heidi Chronicles which officially opens on Broadway March 19 (previews begin February 23rd). Spanning three decades from the 60s to 80s, the play follows Heidi Holland from high school graduation through her successful career as an art historian twenty years later. Focusing primarily on the changing role of women in society and the effect of the feminist movement through the decades, Wasserstein’s play offers thoughtful ideas and relationships that are relevant even today. I must admit, if I find myself in New York City in the near future, I will certainly check this play out. Click here for tickets.


~Interior Define Rose Sofa by EveryGirl

As I was flipping through the recent issue of House Beautiful, the editors’  recommendation of Interior Define’s Rose Sofa caught my eye. And while at the time, I didn’t realize it was built as a collaboration with one of my favorite website/blogs Everygirl, as soon as I learned of of this fact, I was further intrigued. Why? The Rose sofa for me integrates the comfort of leisure and the French chic structure that I am always drawn to. Available in four different colors, this 83″ sofa is available for only $1500. Something to save up for certainly without breaking the bank.


~Minimalist Disk Pendant

Displayed on a long 28″ chain, this statement making necklace, while subtle, will certainly do the trick when it comes to finishing an outfit that just needs that certain extra something. And for $30, why not?

~Banana Republic textured stripe boatneck pullover

Wear in layers or on its own, this complementary boatneck pullover is ideal for leisurely getaways or afternoons when a pair of jeans and flats are calling your name. Available in black as well.

potatoes ~recipe for Mini Herbed Pommes~

A three day weekend is just around the corner, and that means some time with family, getting back to healthy as I kick a cold and a little bit of whatever strikes my fancy.

This time of year always finds me wanting to tinker in the kitchen with a new recipe (such as the one above) and indulging in a bit of decluttering around (be sure to check out the first article listed below). There’s something about knowing that spring is around the corner that motivates to into wanting to kick off the upcoming season with clean closets and drawers and a spruced up menu for any dinner party or guest I may have over.

I do hope your weekend treats you well, until Monday, here are a few articles I think you might enjoy:

~Was one of your resolutions to declutter? Begin here by losing these 10 items first.

~Is 2015 already too busy, leaving you exhausted? Read the 25 Ways to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Overworked by Marc & Angel

~Didn’t have a chance to watch Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s opening at the Golden Globes? I’ve got you covered, click here to watch.

~A lesson or two to be learned from French interiors.

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4 thoughts on “This & That: No. 141

  1. Shannon, As I sit here this morning, listening to Paris Café on Jazz Radio, I am reminded of all of the other wonderful things you have brought to my attention, and want to thank you. You introduced me to the Harry Bosch series, the Rachel Khoo cookbook, the M.L. Longworth mystery series, various movies, in addition to new ways of examining life and creating a more balanced, luxurious lifestyle. This is only a brief list of all that you have exposed me to. I am older, so view your site with a great deal of experience and perspective. I only wish there had been blogs, and someone like you out there when I was your age, but I am still learning from wonderful people like you. You consistently produce an insightful, wonderful blog; the quality is outstanding. Thank you for all you do to expose us to things we might not find on our own. Have a wonderful, well-deserved weekend. Lois

  2. Hi just an FYI–Banana republic is offering 40% off this weekend. Just ordered the striped shirt and can’t wait for it to arrive. Thank you for your suggestions!

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