This & That: No. 140

Jan 09, 2015

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~Adulting: How to Become a Grow-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps by Kelly Williams Brown

This fellow Oregonian and much deserved New York Times Best-Selling author has written a playful, yet delightfully fun read for anyone navigating the often confusing and ever-changing adult world. Based on her wildly successful blog which I have a feeling you will no doubt enjoy, Adulting is a book to read, enjoy and pass along.

~The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

A novel about love, humor and discovering something unexpected in all the right ways. Having reached the top of the Best-Selling List, the plot takes the protagonist on a search for his future wife, thus called “The Wife Project”, but not without a few shocks and surprises along the way.

~Without Saying a Word: The Silent Power of Style

A guidebook for chic, timeless style. Having been released just last year, Without Saying a Word helps readers to find their personal style that is timeless and signature, as well as provide the tips on how to find the necessary building blocks to pull it all together.


~DVF Esti CottonRelaxed Blouse

Always a fan of a white blouse, I came across this DVF separate while perusing through Nordstrom last week. And while I didn’t pick it up as I don’t necessarily need it, it fit my style to a “T”. Made with soft, yet linen-like cotton, it is a white blouse to wear as a casual pairing for a dressed up look to add balance or with a pair of shorts or skirt in the summer. Me, I’d be wearing it with jeans every day of the week if I could – add a simple necklace or an oversized watch and my style is done. Certainly a staple to keep in mind as we look ahead to warmer months.

~PrAna Maison Legging (dragonfly sierra)

For the past six months I have regularly visited my local yoga studio once a week. And during this time, I have not only found a respite for my mind, a rewarding challenge for my body, but another place in my life to experiment with fashion. You may have noticed the latest trend whether in the gym or on the day-to-day streets – the return of the legging. And not just classic solid black leggings, but unique signature prints. While I won’t be wearing such leggings outside of my home or yoga studio, I am loving them for winter yoga classes. They are comfortable, necessary and provide great warmth with the chilly temperatures.

I recently shared a pic on Instagram a pair of leggings I found at Portland’s PrAna boutique, and couldn’t be more thrilled with the length, feel and function. Available in a couple of other colors, the blue caught my attention and has since been worn quite frequently.



~France: Homestyle

If you have plans to travel to France and are looking to rent an apartment or home, rather than stay in a hotel (which I highly recommend), I recently was introduced to France: Homestyle, and I think you will want to have a look at what they have to offer. Offering boutique vacation rentals with accommodations in the city of Paris or the countryside such as Provence and anywhere else your heart desires, France: Homestyle has a home for you to relax in and experience true French living.



~recipe for Rosetta Apple Pie Tartlets~

Just as people have their own personalities, so too do days and even weeks. And so was the case with this first full week of 2015. Perhaps a precursor of what will come, or perhaps just simply a week to be savored. Whichever is the case, regardless of a nagging cold that stubbornly joined me through the week, I couldn’t have asked for a more lovely time.

From wine and food pairing with new friends in the middle of the week, getting back to work and diving into a regular routine full of the daily simple pleasures I so deeply cherish, to unexpected small, yet significant surprises that make me smile without hesitation, the simple approach, an approach that begs conscious attention, really can offer a rich life experience.

Especially with the tragic events in Paris on Wednesday, to be reminded of our blessings, our freedoms and the lives and loved ones that we are fortunate to experience and enjoy, is to be reminded that true luxuries are often hard-fought and result from conscious living and daily courage.

I do hope this week has been an auspicious start to what no doubt will be a year of opportunity, growth and beautiful surprises. If we look for such things, I have learned we are more apt to find and experience them. Below are a few articles and a video I think you might enjoy. Until Monday, bonjour.

~If money was part of your 2015 resolutions, Top 10 Better Money Habits for 2015

~Simple, yet always chic, 7 Things French Women Never Do to Their Hair

~20 Things You Must Insist On No Matter What People Say . . .

~With her new store opening in London, have a look inside. And trust me, if you are looking for top quality denim (I am in love with her skinny jeans), hers are at the top of my list – stretch, structure and comfort. Here’s one of her answers to pique your interest, “I believe that free will leads you to your destiny.” Learn this and more as Victoria Beckham answer’s Vogue’s 73 questions in the video below.


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  1. I LOVE the Vogue video with VB, she is just so….posh! I like that she let us peek into her real self. Thank you for sharing!

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