This & That: No. 139

Jan 02, 2015

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~Accidental Icon

A style blogger that I am eager to introduce to you is a woman who embraces her age, exudes immense timeless, chic style and doesn’t apologize for knowing and standing confidently in exactly who she is. Motivated by the desire to offer readers a destination that she couldn’t find anywhere on the web, Lyn offers “an urban, modern, intellectual aesthetic” that speaks “to women who live what I call ‘interesting but ordinary lives’ in cities.” As a woman of experience, her blog illuminates that indeed life, a quite stylish life, really does get better with each passing year. Stop by and be inspired.

~The Art of Manliness

Don’t worry, I do realize that the majority (okay, probably 97%) of TSLL readership consists of women, but for years I have enjoyed the blog The Art of Manliness. First of all, it’s always a good idea to see anything from different perspectives, and secondly, the blog offers wonderful content regardless of your sex. I recently read this article and was engrossed as I am a bit obsessed with Winston Churchill, but this article as well caught my attention most recently.


~Target Threshold Safvieh Bar Cart

Whether you are someone who enjoys entertaining for crowds of people or enjoys having intimate gatherings, having a prepped and ready-t0-use bar stocked with your preferred liquor, wine and utensils is a wonderful decor essential to have on hand. Small home or large, there are bar carts available, and since I am looking to add just this element to my great room, Target’s Safvieh bar car caught my attention. A smaller version for a lower price is their classic bar cart, so depending on the size you need, if you like this style, you are set. (Note: 15% off currently as well)


~Nancy Meyer’s White pima cotton chemise

As I mentioned in my book, lingerie truly needs to be worn for ourselves, and if there is any additional benefit, fabulous. As long as my bed is plush and warm with the proper linens, wearing a chemise is my preferred choice of sleepwear, so when I found this luxurious, yet simple chemise by Nancy Meyer, I pounced. So should you (black is also available).


~Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce

As I mentioned on my Twitter feed last week, if you are a fan of SATC, you should be watching Bravo’s scripted dramedy Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce. With the camaraderie between actors Lisa Edelstein, Janeane Garofalo, and Beau Garrett, each of their characters either in the middle of a divorce or having gone through one, they help each other along in comedic, yet truthful fashion (as real as LA can get as that is where it is set). Based on author Vicki Iovine’s “Girlfriend” series, Bravo has a hit on their hands, and while I may have came to it late (it premiered on December 2nd), I have been able to catch up this holiday. Airing each Tuesday night at 10pm, tune in, pour a glass of wine and enjoy (yes, the fashion while not at SATC heights, is still full of inspiration as well). 

~Downton Abbey, Season 5 Premiere

Finally, after much waiting and seeing peeks on pinterest of scenes as the UK has already enjoyed season 5 this past fall, the states will be able to view the premiere of the new Downton Abbey season this Sunday, January 4th on PBS. Need I say more?



~recipe for Soy Lemon Flank Steak with Arugula~

The new year finds me waking up on the Oregon coast as I couldn’t think of a better place to begin 2015 as it is calm, back to nature and, I must admit, my dogs are in heaven. And while I wish I could stay a few more days, I am simply thankful for the time that I’ve had here.

As the holidays are officially behind us now, how are you feeling? Are you rejuvenated or do you have a holiday hang-over? Hopefully the former is your reply, but either way, 2015 is here and it’s going to be amazing. How can I say that? Because you and I are both going to be living with intention (back to simple, remember?), and as we move forward with purpose, we are more likely to unearth beautiful events, people and memories.

If you are like me, the weekend is the tail end of my holiday, so that means two more days of relaxing, reading and catching my breath. Here are a few articles I thought you might enjoy as you revel in these last final hours:

~4 motivating TED talks to help you keep your resolutions

~Mind shift – 15 Things Exceptional People Think Every Day

~Gut Check – 5 Signs You’re Settling for Less Than You Deserve

~A round up of Marc & Angel’s top posts from 2014 – 20 Quick Reads that Will Change the Way You Live, Work & Love

~Riddles worth solving from LifeHackAnswer These Riddles and You Will Find the Answers to Life

~Speaking of Life & Love – 20 Ways to Recognize a Good Partner

The Simple Sophisticate podcast returns on Monday, so until then, bonjour!


9 thoughts on “This & That: No. 139

  1. I’ve only recently discovered your site, Shannon, thanks to Frances Schultze. Love your thought-provoking style and suggestions. I hadn’t seen the bigger on-line Target bar cart before. The fresh gold and glass shelves are definite improvements over the smaller version sold in stores. My blog partner, Ellen, did a DIY on an in-store cart last year to get a brighter look with the gold and glass. It turned out great, and she uses it all the time. You can see the transformation here:

  2. Congrats on all of the wonderful things are happening in your life. I agree about the Girlfriends Guide TV show. Have you had a chance to watch Madame Secretary, I am a little surprised that you have not mentioned this show.

    1. I do adore Madam Secretary – the dynamic between the husband and wife is so very refreshing. I actually did recommend this CBS Sunday drama back in September, and it has not disappointed. So happy to hear you are enjoying GGTD!

  3. could you help me locate a pair of chic black lace booties (heels?) you posted on your suggested buy list. The lace was overlaying the top of the shoe…need it for my shoe fix !!!

    1. Would be happy to help! Which suggested buy list are you referring to? Just share the link and I’ll have a look to help point you in the right direction. A few good places to find shoes of all shapes and sizes: Zappos and Piper Lime

  4. I’ve just started watching “Downtown Abbey” again (Sybil’s death hit me pretty hard, and knowing Matthew’s death was coming pushed me to a very long break…), so excited for Season 5!

    Also the sad thing about living in Korea is not having Target anymore! I use to peruse that store for EVERYTHING.

  5. Happy New Year, Shannon! I’m a big fan of GGTD myself. It definitely fills a void since SATC has been gone. Your steak looks amazing! Headed back to work (school psych) and real life tomorrow, as I’m guessing you may be also. Wishing you a fabulous 2015!!
    xx, Heather

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