This & That: No. 136

Dec 05, 2014

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~The Table Comes First: Family, France, and the Meaning of Food

A couple of years ago Adam Gopnik released what quickly became a National Bestselling book on food and the role it plays in our modern culture. Diving into  the pedestal it has been placed upon and what it truly means to appreciate food, Gopnik takes readers on a journey around a America to determine how food is appreciated and if it is glorified unnecessarily. On a recent interview on NPR, he discussed the fascination wine has become in the United States and pointed out an intriguing observation that made me chuckle. In so many words, he said, wine isn’t mean to be talked about as though it is art, it is meant to be enjoyed to lighten our mood, intoxicate us gently and allow the meal and the moment to be further enjoyed. Cheers to that.

~The Widow’s Guide to Sex and Dating: A Novel by Carol Radziwill

If you are a fan of The Real Housewives of New York City, you no doubt already know about Carol Radziwill’s new fiction book. But even if you’re aren’t a fan of reality television, this plot (inspired by her own tales of being a young widow) looks to be a playful and step-away-from-your-world read. Perfect for the holiday vacation you have coming up, no?


~Stuff You Should Know

Since launching my podcast in September, many listeners have asked which podcasts I listen to, and while I don’t have a long laundry list, I am always eager to discover something to bookmark for upcoming travels. Stuff You Should Know caught my attention as I am always curious and asking questions, and as it came with rave reviews, I wanted to share. Discussing topics on history, politics, science and social statistics, this is an intriguing podcast for the person who is always asking why?


~Net-a-Porter Semi Annual Sale

It’s that time of year again. Net-a-Porter’s semi-annual sale with pages of designer clothing prices slashed at steep discounts. Beginning as steep as 50%, in the coming weeks, the prices will drop to 60% and even 70%, so be sure to find what you’re looking for now, and if you want, wait and hope it is still available. Below are a few finds that caught my eye:


As the holiday season has arrived, finding unique, style-minded cards is always on my to-do list. Last weekend I discovered three websites to check out – full of creative sophistication or fashion illustrations, be sure to check out their everyday stationery as well: Paper FingerAnn Scott Designs, and Verrier Boutique

brieturkey ~Recipe for Turkey Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Cranberry Mustard~

The first week in December and Christmas and the end of the year are approaching much too fast. With books to sign and ship out this weekend, it looks like it might be a work weekend, but a work weekend I am very thankful to have. Many of you have been patiently waiting for your pre-order, and please know it will be on its way soon (an email will be sent notifying you of its shipping details).

However, as soon as I can, I will be beginning my holiday shopping, planning gifts to give to family, friends, colleagues and neighbors, and getting excited about adding unexpected cheer to those I feel so fortunate to have in my life.

Other readers have already shared their books arrival on Instagram, and I can’t thank you enough for your kind comments. Do remember, I am collecting the many readers’ pics and organizing them into a Flipagram to be shared on my Instagram account in the coming weeks, so do be sure to partake. How? Snap a photo of your book and how you enjoy reading it, then tag with @thesimplyluxuriouslife #mysimplyluxuriouslife. Who knows, your pic may be shared with TSLL’s thousands of followers. Prefer to share a review on Amazon? Readers’ comments and thoughts are greatly appreciated – whatever they might be.

I hope you too are looking ahead to a lovely festivity-infused weekend with delicious food to enjoy, company to appreciate and leisurely pursuits to revel in. Below are two videos I think you might enjoy. First, two talented singers blend their voices on stage at this past week’s CMA Country Christmas to sing a favorite tune you might recognize, and second, actress Amy Adams, Vogue’s December cover girl, answers 73 questions about her favorites, her past and everything in between. Until Monday, bonjour.

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