A Necessary Detail in a Sanctuary

Jun 30, 2016

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One detail that must be in a home I call a home eventually is a luxurious soaking tub, one with the appearance of regality and preferably a clawfoot or something similar. And so as I came across Jane Fonda’s master bathroom in her New Mexican ranch, I couldn’t help but dream of having such a tub again.

What I love about this space is the immense light, the fireplace and the exposed beams. Give me an evening after a long day, and I could easily lose all track of time. Featured in 2014 in Architectural Digest, read the entire interview here and tour the entire ranch here.

4 thoughts on “A Necessary Detail in a Sanctuary

  1. That’s the sort of thing I dream about but I wouldn’t use in reality. Even when I visit my brothers, who both have giant tubs with jets and the works, I never take time to soak. My mom, though, was crazy about long, luxurious baths, and it was a sore point when she had to move to an apartment that had only a shower.
    That room is gorgeous, BTW!

  2. A luxury that will have to wait until I am older, probably much wiser and the children have all left home, and then I wonder will I really soak in a tub, probably not, there are always so many other more exciting things to do! But a hot tub in the garden, yes, with friends, with the children, in the snow if we are skiing, now that I do enjoy

  3. OM Gosh what a fab space, that is stuff dreams are made of, watching the sun set on a spring / autumn evening with the fire roaring having a long hot soak with a glass of Champers and a very good book. Those beams are lovely as well.

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