More Dresses Please!

Jul 03, 2018

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The only time I have worn a pair or pants (in my case jeans – because I only packed one pair) during my trip throughout France I regretted it almost immediately as it it quite warm. Every other day, including for my flight (loved wearing this dress from Vince, and it is still available, as well as many more wonderful dresses), I wore a dress.

While I have seen tourists and a few locals in shorts and tight capri (mid-calf length) pants, I have seen far more dresses on women, and most of them loose and to at least above the knees or longer without showing an excessive amount of skin. Effortless chic done well and enabling the wearer to feel extremely comfortable as well.

As I was walking in Paris one morning, this woman seen above walked swiftly past me, and while I was too slow with my phone, you can see that the dress is knee-length, not tight, and if you look closely, the belt is cinched in the back, not the front, which is what immediately caught my eye.

Loose dresses I have found are splendid, especially in the summer, but even throughout the year, as you can cinch them in with a signature belt or wear them loose with beautiful accessories for the right occasion. You can also slip a jacket or a scarf over your shoulders for the early morning, evening or a chilly flight or train ride.

Two of the dresses I have worn here multiple times already were found at a market or a boutique in Paris while I was traveling, but each of the other dresses I have brought have been worn as well (four).

So perhaps the reason dresses aren’t worn as often for day is that we complicate them, make them uncomfortable for the wearer and just aren’t sure what to do with them. Since I am tall, I do find more luck when I order one size larger, so that length and the width of my shoulders is accommodated. Then I can tailor or cinch in the waist as necessary.

~A few dresses to look at from Everlane – tank, midi dresses in multiple colors

~Especially loving this navy print dress from J.Crew (and it’s on sale!) and this stripe shirt dress as well.

~Below are more than a handful of loose, midi-length dresses at varying price points.

26 thoughts on “More Dresses Please!

  1. I’m a huge fan of dresses. Wrap dresses and dungaree or cord dresses in the winter and sundresses in the summer.
    I never really thought about adding a belt to summer dresses though. It’s a good idea as it would make them look smarter as well as more flattering.

  2. Loose-fitting dresses are so much more comfortable when it’s hot. They also give you a much more polished look.

  3. I wear dresses almost daily, regardless of the season. My capsule wardrobe consists primarily of dresses, and I wear dresses exclusively when I travel. Dresses are so effortless and can be paired with a variety of cardigans or blazers. Dresses always make me feel put together.

  4. Yes to dresses! The ones I wear most (especially when I am in the South of France in the summer) are sleeveless linen shifts from JJill. The polyester ones are just too hot. By the way, you are in our area (Pernes Les Fountaines) since you were in Songue. We always do the Sunday market there. I am enjoying “being with you in France” via your instagram posts. Thank you!

  5. I had a coworker tell me “you always dress so professionally and are so stylish”. I thanked them and when they walked away I looked down at what I was wearing. A dress. Most of my clothes are purchased from local thrift (vintage) stores but I almost exclusively wear dresses and skirt combos. As I get older I find them more comfortable than jeans. I don’t know if dresses are coming back in style…but for me, a simple dress is an easy, comfortable way to stay cool in the summer and look good doing it!

    1. Sandy, you are so right! The combination is there to be enjoyed and relished when we wear a dress – comfortable and looking lovely. 🙂 Thank your for offering your life’s inspiration for others.

  6. I just returned from a month long leisure trip to Seoul, Shanghai, and Kyoto. I brought 6 dresses with me, no trousers. Four of the dresses are by designer Samantha Sung. All of my dresses have 3/4 length sleeves for sun protections and aesthetics. I love to wear dresses because I feel I immediately look put together. I remember one of your posts, years ago, where you featured DVF wrap dresses. I bought two DVF wrap dresses after reading that post. I still love those dresses.

  7. When I was a kid, I would only wear dresses. It was easier and far more comfortable to me. But when I started school I was picked on relentlessly for it, so I starting wearing jeans and other pants to conform. As an adult, I’m back to exclusively wearing dresses again. People always tell me how nice, classy, etc. I look, which is a lovely bonus to being comfortable in my clothes again.

  8. Have you tried You can order customized dresses- not just based on your measurements but you can choose the neckline, sleeve and length. I’ve been very happy with my purchases and the fit is pure couture.

  9. Dresses are really in this summer. Some years it is hard to find nice ones but recently here in central Europe you can find beautiful ones everywhere. It is definately the time to buy. I have already bought three:)

  10. I wear dresses almost exclusively and have for years. I own one pair of jeans for emergencies when nothing else will do and one pair of black pants because that is what my volunteer uniform requires…I wear them twice a week and can’t get them off fast enough when I get home. I work from home and have a daily uniform of tank top and linen skirt (my skirts are getting thin and I’m on the hunt for a suitable replacement). Beyond Nordstrom, my favorite places for dresses are Jams World (casual, tropical vibe, wash and wear like a dream) and Peruvian Connection (I’ve been known to buy multiples). Eileen Fisher has some wonderful jersey styles but sizing/proportions has been off for me the past few seasons. I live in a mild climate and add a cardigan or denim jacket and boots and all set for winter.

  11. I am a huge fan of dresses, but find that dresses with sleeves are most flattering to me. Alas, most dresses available in my local stores are sleeveless.

    1. I understand your frustration. The key is to find a designer that you love that does offer this style and frequent them, or buy a few dresses at once. You can also work with a tailor. Keep looking as eventually, since you know what you love, you will find it. It just may take time.

  12. I learned my love of dresses from my mom. She made them look effortless and taught me which dresses every woman needed in her closet for certain occasions. Now as an adult, dresses make my life easier and I feel so graceful in them even when I’m tired. Also, I couldn’t agree more that outfit planning for the week and for travel is so much easier with dresses. Thanks for sharing and I LOVE that Vince dress by the way. -Heather

  13. Oooh dresses! My love affair all year long… Especially in the summer 🙂
    I always find that dresses are more comfortable than pants, simply cooler in the warmer weather. I live in Paris for many years now and it’s true that dresses is really a thing over here. This summer I see a lot of floral print dresses, or simple motifs on neutral backgrounds (white, navy) or sometimes coquelicot red.

    The wonderful thing about dresses is that I feel it flatters all body types. There are so many different cuts that everyone will find something true to their style and flatters their body, plus comfortable to wear.

    Just find your podcast and blog and love it!

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