Style Inspiration: Monochromatic Mastery

Jul 26, 2016

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Over the weekend I had an hours drive home, so I tuned in to Garance Doré’s podcast, Pardon my French. I was especially looking forward to her most recent episode because she was interviewing the successful beauty business woman Linda Rodin, who has lived it seems many amazing lives: model, stylist, a top photographer’s assistant, but most importantly, a life on her own terms. It is a fantastic episode about independence, feeling comfortable being yourself and living by rules that work for you. I highly recommend you tune it.

At the age of 66, she reminds us all that our lives are what we make them, and age really is a number. Period. With a signature style that is simple, but assured, she demonstrates how a simple single palette can be quite powerful if combined well with other materials and fabrics. I found the image of Linda Rodin above from this interview in which style and simplicity is discussed to spur my investigation to find other monochromatic outfits that work wonderfully. Enjoy today’s Style Inspiration, and remember to keep it simple.








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2 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Monochromatic Mastery

  1. I love doing a monochromatic column. As a short person, it makes me look taller, or at least I FEEL taller, which is what matters.
    The Vivienne Files had an interesting post showing a basic wardrobe and the effect of doing a monochrome column vs. more of a mix-and-match look. So there was a breton striped top in mostly black with white stripes, and one with the opposite. The black background looked far better with black pants, and the white background looked better with white pants. The black top on white pants and white top on black pants combos were less appealing. The column looks more elegant every time.

  2. Shannon, thank you for the sagacious beauties! I love to see chic women who are my age and exuding style and joie de vivre. Nous restons six semaines de l’ete; j’ai hate de les savourer. Merci!

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