Decor Inspiration: A Minimalist Sanctuary

Dec 24, 2015


Modern architecture need not be cold and unwelcoming. With the pairing of the right textures (see marble and the tufted velvet upholstered chair above), minimalism can exist as well as clean lines creating a space to relax and rejuvenate. From the singular bold patterns in the living room to original pieces of art, each in its own room, the key is selecting a quality statement piece, paired with subtle, yet stunning coordinating pieces of furniture and the eye will approve.

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12.24.15m  12.24.15d  12..24.15c  12.24.15b

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Images via photographer Eric Staudenmaier

2 thoughts on “Decor Inspiration: A Minimalist Sanctuary

  1. I have a very minimalist approach to my house and, as someone who has been accused of being spartan in my room design, it’s nice to see that other people understand how much you can gain by having less.

  2. It’s amazing how clean surfaces look so appealing in photos. If you go through my pinterest board, you’ll see wide expanses of empty table tops and clear counters. I’ve learned that clearing surfaces is a fast way to calm my brain when it gets overloaded. The eye needs a place to rest.

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