Mimi Thorisson’s Home in Bordeaux

Feb 13, 2020

Life in France. Life in the French countryside . . . in a chateau, or at least a very large house, 15-bedrooms to be precise. Mimi Thorisson and her family call Bordeaux France home (Médoc to be precise), and as many TSLL readers know, Mimi’s lifestyle, decor and cooking talents have been followed for years (since 2010, the year the family relocated from Paris to Médoc) as she is one of the first trail-blazer bloggers in each of these niches.

She continues to inspire, and has been offering classes for the past six years while she takes time off from blogging from time to time to write her upcoming cooking book focused entirely on Italian food (to be released September 2020). Her 2020 classes were announced in spring of 2019, and each take place over three days either at her home in the country or now, in Piemonte, Italy as well.

Abundant with inspiration from her home, her food, her effortless style as well as her approach to living, Mimi Thorisson continues to be a well-spring if ideas for living well, but slowly and intentionally. Follow her on Instagram here and check out her blog and website here.

But before you head over to her blog or IG page, have a look at a three different tours of her home. The most recent is above as shown in House & Garden UK (view the entire tour here), and view a video as well at the end of the post.

Images via House & Garden UK , House & Home; and Video via WSJ

6 thoughts on “Mimi Thorisson’s Home in Bordeaux

  1. Good morning Shannon Absolutely beautiful home and family, loved the photo of Mimi and her daughter at the fish market in matching trenches! Very best wishes from the UK, Sue.

  2. Hi Shannon, Mimi and her family also have a home in Turin, Italy which is as mouthwatering as their home in the Medoc. I was fortunate enough having to participate in one of the workshops given by her and her husband Oddur, last year in Turin and me and my fellow participants got a glimps of their home away from home. As you can imagine it was equally mouthwatering as their home in the Medoc, although being an appartment in a city, it has a less ‘rural’ design to it. But nontheless, wanted to move in right away 🙂
    By the way, I can highly recommend both Mimi’s cookbooks, they depict French country cooking like no other…..

  3. A gorgeous lived in house. A cooks’ kitchen. Mimi is effortlessly stylish . Love her style .
    How does she fit everything in? She’s a little gem on IG. I thought she had a townhouse but what a gorgeous house Love the house tour . Her Italuan cookbook is on order. Thank you Shannon?

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