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Nov 19, 2014

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Good Wednesday morning. It is Wednesday, yet for some reason it feels much later in the week, and I’m not exactly sure why. Perhaps because the first few days were full enough to make a full week – a glass of wine and a social outing is needed now to unwind pronto. Does anyone want to join me for a mid-week reboot? However, when I saw this image of Benedict Cumberbatch in the December’s issue of Elle UK, I had a bit of an energy boost.

So with that said, here are a few other things to keep your week going.

~Sunday, The Wall Street Journal placed on their front page of “Off-Duty” an article I was immediately eager to read and then share. “How to Dress Like a Fashion Insider“. Needless to say, it reiterated what I do my best to adhere to when it comes to maintaining a wardrobe, and now I am more than inspired to eliminate the unnecessary and freshen up my go-to staples.


~Cook-for-dinner-tonight-recipe. I was starving the moment I saw this recipe and prior to I wasn’t even hungry.  Having made it for dinner last night, I can attest this recipe by Pinch of Yum is beyond delicious and uber easy if you love seafood and want a little bit of past without being too naughty.


~The Imitation Game and the reason Benedict Cumberbatch is on a special cover of Elle UK‘s December issue  is a movie I am eager to watch. Placing Cumberbatch in a role far removed from Sherlock, however, while both roles depict brilliant men, in the biopic he plays Alan Turing, a mathematician who becomes a wartime hero only to then be demonized for being homosexual.  Critics are raving, so place it on your social calendar – November 28th. Oh, and you might quite enjoy his interview here.



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