Love Them, Don’t Hide Them

Dec 06, 2016

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In denim or wool, silk or cotton, pants or skirts, a shift or a sheath, loving our legs is a fun fashion tool to work with. Whether you have model long legs or short but powerful legs, the options are endless for styling. Add a slit or simply suggest your shape? Tapered at the ankles or loose and wide? Endless options abound. Be inspired with a wide variety of options in today’s Style Inspiration. The Simply Luxurious Life The Simply Luxurious Life The Simply Luxurious Life The Simply LUxurious Life The Simply Luxurious Life The Simply luxurious life The Simply Luxurious Life The Simply Luxurious Life


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6 thoughts on “Love Them, Don’t Hide Them

  1. I was all skirts all the time, especially when I lived in New York. The third and fourth shots of the women in the skirts were just my style. Especially those ankle-strap shoes.
    Now, I seem to spend most of my time in pants.

  2. Shannon, it is fun to think of tight jeans as a way to show off my legs, especially here in Canada, where it is minus 25 Celsius outside! I do love that leopard skirt. I often where a tight Italian pant called “Freddy”, which has a silicone waist band so it is always stays up and silicone butt support (difficult to explain!) and very cute.

    1. Absolutely! 🙂 Oh my goodness, it is cold where you call home, so indeed cover those gams. 😉 Thank you for sharing details about the Freddy pant. They sound like a thoughtful idea.

  3. I agree with this post – legs are fun and fun to show off. Love to show mine off in skirts & dresses especially 🙂

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