Why Not . . . Lounge in Style?

Apr 06, 2016

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Two of my favorite daily routines that I love to indulge in, taking as much time as possible, are my morning and evening rituals. Upon waking up, tending to the dogs, cooking my breakfast and reading the morning papers, lounging is a must, and why not lounge in style?

The evening mirrors these activities as I look forward to unwinding with leisurely reading material, a cup of tea and wearing comfortable clothing no matter where I may be wrapping up the day around the house.

It has taken time to find and save up for the items I enjoy wearing. And while I still haven’t found a pair of slippers that are simple, streamlined, but can still be worn outside to pick up the paper, I’m making progress. By choosing to wear items that feel luxurious on the skin, but also conceal and reveal the woman we are just enough so as to allow us to feel comfortable and maintain some mystery, our behavior responds in kind. Whether it be what we eat, how we sit or where we allow our mind to wander, our clothing is quite powerful for our psyche as we begin and end the day. After all, when we dress in a manner that reflects respect for the life we are living and the woman that we are and are becoming, every single moment of the day, whether we are at home or outside the home becomes a privilege to savor.

Essential Lounge Wear

1.A beautiful robe

Silk, cotton, or any mixture of soft fabric to lay against our skin in the design of a robe is the first piece of clothing we often put on when we wake up and the last thing we take off at the end of the day. Worn as a layer to wear when we step outside of our boudoir, the length should be appropriate for lounging in the living room and dining room or stepping outside in the morning to pick up the morning paper. I prefer a longer robe that is not too bulky as I can always wear a set of pajamas underneath to nip the cold. Below are a few that caught my eye.


~La Perla Silk Essence short robeLa Perla silk long robe (multiple colors)~

~La Perla Seta long robe (black or white) in silk/satin~

~Samantha Chang, classic kimono 100% silk (more colors, lilac)~

~CSBLA by Cosabella: Lucca Belted robe~



2. Second skin chemise or sleep set

Not only is the choice of a chemise or a short sleep set a choice that welcomes a touch of luxury into your everyday, as well, such an item is easy to pack when you travel. Even in winter, unless it’s unusually frigid, wearing a chemise allows your body to breath and the warmth can be brought by the layers of sheets and blankets you snuggle underneath.


~La Perla Whisper lace-paneled navy sleep dressAraks Jael silk-charmeuse chemise (navy), Frette Lille Longuette Nightgown (white),La Perla Maison Classic camisole and shortsFleur de Mal lace-paneled chemise~

~Christine Gatsby long gown, 100% silk (ivory or black)~

~Patricia Fieldworker Timeless Lace Chemise 100% silk~

~Louis at Home Signature Cassis Gown in ice blue~

~Frette Florence Silk nightgown~



3. Pajama set

For summer or winter, having a favorite go-to pajamas set is a wonderful option for wearing your sleepwear out in public (within your home of course). Chance is offering a fun cotton striped short set this season, but silk options are always a wonderful choice as well. Choose a color that complements your skin tone, a size that fits the length of your arms and legs (don’t hesitate to shop in the men’s section!), and enjoy looking stylish and playful all at the same time.


~Bodas Cotton-Poplin pajama setChance Summer PJs, 100% soft cottonMark & Graham Classic Woven Women’s PJsOlivia von Halle Gigi silk crepe de chine pajama setJournelle Hepburn PJ silk setJournelle Garbo PJ silk set~


4. Slippers

While I have yet to find a pair of slippers that I love, a cashmere pair always catches my attention. However, having a pair on hand that can go outside in the elements, if only for a moment to let the dogs out or pick up the paper in the snow and rain is a detail to consider as well.


~Frette Cashmere slippersAcorn Cashmere-blend slippers (more colors), UGG Ansley water resistant slipper (more colors)~


Ultimately, what we wear as we begin the day and put it to bed is an everyday luxury not to be forgotten. It may take time to find these four items that are of top quality and speak to our lifestyle and signature preference, but if you keep your eyes open, you’ll soon find something worth investing in. After all, a quality item will be in your closet and capable of being enjoyed for years to come, all the while ensuring you look as stylish as you are comfortable. Fais de beaux rêves (Sweet dreams).

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12 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Lounge in Style?

  1. Dear Ms. Ables,

    I absolutely loved this post. I love wearing well-made pyjamas and I do believe that one carries themselves in a certain way when they feel polished (even when wearing sleepwear).

    Thank you for always writing such thoughtful posts. I check your blog every day and am always going through the archives. You have given me the “push” I need to go after the woman I have always wanted to be. I know I can work and become the woman I see in my head. I suppose the biggest lesson you have taught me is that I have the power and that I deserve to be the best version of myself.

    Again, thank you for all that you do and for being such an outstanding role model. I may only be 22, but if I could be half the woman you are when I am older than I couldn’t have asked for more.

    Lisette Rossman

    1. Lisette, thank you for your comment. What we wear amazingly does effect how we carry ourselves. I have no doubt that you are more than capable of being the woman you wish to be. 🙂

  2. THANK YOU! I needed to see this. Lately I have been buying Luxurious Lingerie for myself. It all started last November when I was in “Outlet” that received clothing from all high end stores that did not sell because it was missing a button or the sizes were wrong. At first I was shocked because some of the items had “designer” labels that were covered or cut out. Silk Kimono (missing a belt) Bridal Peignoir Sets with pearls and sequins from an exclusive store (the one that is a Very Secret.) Silk slips Italian made by a man with multi syllable name. All my friends thought I had gone nuts buying such decadent, luxurious items for just me. But I thought— I deserve this. Oh and the best part….all the items were just $2.00 each on Thursday. WOW. Now I look good when I go to bed. I feel like a princess.

    1. I am going to have to look for lingerie outlet stores in my area, as I am petite and have to have everything altered, I cannot see paying full price for something PLUS the cost of alterations. If I get something cheaper, then, yes. I would love to get a few pairs of silk pajamas, but they always run long. And a robe — but calf-length, as longer ones trip me up. And no kimono sleeves — they can’t be pushed up, and they get wet if I wash my face or a few dishes.

  3. For slippers that you could wear both inside and out, may I suggest Mahabis?
    They have a detachable sole, and there are multiple color options. I must admit I don’t own a pair yet, but they’re on my wish list. I have no affiliation whatsoever, just sharing.
    Thanks for your blog and podcast, I’m an avid reader/listener!

  4. I completely agree with you that luxurious sleepwear is the way to go – I’m currently looking for the perfect white waffle cotton robe to give me that ‘hotel feel’ at home.

    As for slippers, I just bought myself my own pair of Celtic & Co bootee slippers after realising that I was constantly borrowing my mother’s pair! Definitely a good purchase although I don’t think I’d want to wear them outside for more than a quick nip to put the washing out or some such.

  5. I love this post and totally agree on lounging luxuriously. Although rather expensive, have you looked at Charlotte Olympia slippers? I bought a blue pair and they’re the most beautiful things I’ve ever owned. They make me happy every time I lay eyes on them.

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