London, Music & the Runway

Dec 03, 2014

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London’s Earl’s Court had the privilege of hosting this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show which will air on CBS next Tuesday at 10pm, and while some loathe the event and others love it, I find myself on the latter side of the coin. Don’t be shocked, but it’s the aesthetics, the creativity, the performance, and one additional motivation to make it through the holidays without gaining weight (okay, this might sound superficial, but hey, I’m being honest).

Do I like the objectification? Absolutely not, but there is an ownership that elevates each of the catwalk moments. What the women do with this spotlight of the millions of eyes upon them is up to them, but who wouldn’t just for one evening want to be able to walk the length of the mirrored temporal floor with live music played by the young talent of British singer/song writer Ed Sheeran knowing nobody and nothing could touch you – literally and figuratively. In other words, you were completely in your element, absolutely in control.


Perhaps such a stage is not everyone’s preference, understandably, but more than anything it is the confidence that is exuded that is electric, attractive and intoxicating. And while, I gladly fast forward through the behind the scenes and all too “perfect” model air kissing shots, I immediately stop when the music on stage begins again. Because every once in a while the musicians incorporated into the show offer a taste of music that is worth investigating, and such is the case with this year’s show. Have a listen to one of Ed Sheeran’s songs (coincidentally, the one that was played in London last night for the show), and if you’re like me and want to investigate further, click here to listen to his entire album X.


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4 thoughts on “London, Music & the Runway

  1. There is definitely something alluring and inspiring about the confidence these models exude, but over the years I have become less enamored with the brand/show. Of course they are all beautiful, but it seems like their look has become very generic, especially in light of their “perfect body” controversy. It is nice to see models like Myla Dalbesio and Robyn Lawley, who are gorgeous and fit and don’t make you feel like you need to lose weight. Also, I realize it is the nature of advertising and consumerism, but I find it uncomfortable that they use these beautiful women to gain billions in revenue from their sub-par quality product because so many girls/women crave that unattainable beauty/sexiness. I’d rather save my money and buy higher-quality French/Italian lingerie.

    p.s. It was a great surprise to find your book in the mail!

    1. Very valid points. As someone who prefers quality, I must admit, I do not buy VS. However, the items in the runway, as we know, are designed for the most part for the show. The creativity behind the wings and other grand accessories is always impressive from year to year.

  2. I am a small chested woman and have had to buy my bras in the girls department since so many stores don’t even have anything around a 32a. This year, even the girls department let me down and someone said I should check out VS. For the first time in my life (I am 50 now), I actually have a real, grown-up bra and it actually does something for my shape!

    VS may be a lot of things but I am so glad that they acknowledge those of us in this size range. The ladies in the fitting room were fantastic and I actually hugged them when I was done.

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