Style Inspiration: A Little or A Lot of Bare

Dec 08, 2015

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Whether you sanctuary and life is located in a balmy or frigid destination, today’s Style Inspiration has a few idea to offer style and ease. From peek-a-boo ankle booties to pompom topped snowcaps, creative style ideas abound.

12.8.15b 12.8.15c

12.8.15h 12.8.15i 12.8.15k

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2 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: A Little or A Lot of Bare

  1. Hi Shannon, I’ve been reading your blog for years. Beautiful work. I like your selection above but I wonder if you could shed some light on work outfits that involve shoes that allow me to wear socks. No leggings, no jeans. I mean truly professional outfits that allow warmth. I work in a building that has large variances in temperatures and I simply freeze in the winter without socks. I’ve searched the internet but so many “winter outfits” involve open toe shoes, pumps or loafers without socks, or very casual, jeans and leggings looks. Your help would be much appreciated.

    1. Laura, A question I feel a lot or readers would be curious to find more inspiration for. I will keep your request in mind for future posts. My favorite go-to in the chilly months is boots, but I will continue to explore. Thank you for your comment.

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