Letting Go of the Skinny: Authentic Vintage

Jan 24, 2017

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The skinny jean cut has been in style since 2010 and has hung around for a reason, creating a curvy silhouette, when wore with heels they elongate the body and allow fun to be played with large over-sized tops without looking sloppy. While I will always have a pair or two (okay, maybe three or four) in my closet, a looser fit is coming into vogue with a higher waist and hitting at the ankles. Described as the ‘authentic vintage’, the waists are higher, the leg straight, but the colors and hems are modern – fringed and some even have patchwork with differing denim finishes.

I will admit, they’ve caught my attention and I look forward to trying on a few pairs in the coming months. Have a look at some inspiration below.


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17 thoughts on “Letting Go of the Skinny: Authentic Vintage

  1. Glad I saved my old 501s.
    These look a lot like Meg Ryan in “When Harry Met Sally.”
    I hope they progress to even wider, like what Kathryn Hepburn wore, rather than bell bottoms.

  2. This is a trend I will pass by. As I am very short, I find skinny jeans much more flattering. I would rather look good than look “on trend”.

  3. My skinnies will stay – if only to wear with knee high boots. ( oh please don’t let them go out of style – I have a fortune in boots!)

      1. They represent a personal style for you. No doubt you carry them off with incredible panache; for that reason (if there were no other), they will never go out of style!

        1. Besides, in bad weather, boots are just so practical. They will always be instyle in some way. Take care when you store them away for the summer and, even if you skip a season, they will be wearable. I have a pair of western boots that are 30 years old. Love them.

  4. I’ll pass on the skinny (ah well… depends on the top, so maybe….), and I definitely pass on the wide, straight leg. I don’t do a full-blown bell bottom, but fitted through the thigh and slightly flared from below the knee is best for me. Ok, drawing a blank for a moment – is that boot cut? 😉

    1. I think your describing boot-cut, yes. Straight leg may be something that would straddle the line between extremes as well. Thank you for your comment. I think you are exactly right about the skinny jean – the proper top for one’s body type makes all the difference for the proper balance and proportion.

  5. I love a varied jean wardrobe. I have skinny jeans, bootcut (a requirement in Texas), dark wash trousers for work, and my personal favorite, boyfriend jeans. Dark wash, black, white … hmmm, maybe my jean wardrobe is a little extensive? 🙂

  6. I welcome the looser fitting jeans. I also love a jean that hits at the ankle. I, however, do not like the high waist. I don’t think they look flattering on any shape or size, I am sorry to say. But I have also struggled with skinny jeans. I only like them when they are an ankle length or inside of my tall boots. As I am curvy, a slightly wider leg (boot cut maybe but not bell bottomed) suits my body best. I hope the high waist trend moves on quickly. We called them Momma Jeans. Horrible and unflattering. The rest I welcome with open arms. In the end, we all have to wear what suits our bodies, not a passing trend. A trend is much different than “style.”

      1. It’s funny how fit can vary. I love my Free People skinny jeans, which are marketed as “high waist.” But even though I’m only 5’5″, I’m long in the hips and their high waist is about medium on me. I would never even have tried them if a friend hadn’t recommended them to me. Now I’ve learned that what some might call high waisted could fit better than expected. And I’m sure we’ve all experienced the low rise that turns out to be nearly indecent.

  7. Some of these pictures remind me of the “mom jeans” skit from SNL. I’ve worked most of my adult life to separate myself as much as possible from my junior high jeans…. pictures are haunting. I suppose I’m old now, but seeing the fashion cycle come back around is cause for hesitation (re: the above 501’s comment). I’m even seeing kids wear different colored socks now… again, something I did in the early 90’s with tight-rolled jeans. I’m with the response above- modestly boot cut jeans/pants give the most balance to the hips. I hope they come back soon because my work pants wardrobe is getting thin.

    1. You had me chuckling with your first line! 🙂 But there is a limit to embracing a trend for a trend’s sake. While I do appreciate each of the outfits this week, the key is fitting the best cut to our bodies so that we feel our most confident.

  8. Skinnies never suited me. I’m a mid rise to high waisted, slim fit gal. I agree with the poster about the Kate Hepburn style of trousers – high waist, wide leg. Suits almost every shape.

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