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Apr 18, 2014

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~Recipe for Blueberry Lemon Dutch Baby~


Weekends, especially long weekends, allow for grand leisure, breakfasts in bed and reading with abandon anything the work week abbreviated far too quickly. Such a long weekend has arrived, and with the intermittent rain showers, spring blooms and birds chirping when the sun shines, I am reveling in the extra time to complete projects, spend time with family during the Easter weekend and begin the shopping at nurseries to style my yard.

If you haven’t stopped by Monday’s post this week, you may want to take a look at what readers’ overwhelmingly made their favorite as specific tips and ideas were shared on how to maintain the unique simply luxurious life each of us have created for ourselves.

Also, for your weekend reading pleasure, a few posts to jumpstart your decor and style muses as well as a thoughtful opinion piece on the women and equal pay discussion.

~Life Lessons with Iris Apfel . . . style really is ageless and Iris shows us how she does it.

~New York Times columnist Frank Bruni shares his thoughts on Women’s Unequal Lot inspired by observing his sister

~Take a tour of Jenna Lyons’ former home in Brooklyn. The new owners have imprinted their own signature style in a beautiful new-to-them space. Compare with Jenna Lyons’ decor of the space here.

~The Bletchley Circle on PBS has returned for its second season. And while last Sunday was the premiere, don’t miss it this Sunday, April 20th. Have a look at the trailer below:

Whether you celebrate Easter this weekend or not, eggs as art has caught my attention, and I thought I’d share a few impressive pics. Enjoy, and until this weekend’s Petit Plaisir, bonjour.

4.18.14c 4.18.14d
4.18.14f 4.18.14g


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5 thoughts on “Lengthy & Lovely

  1. The Friday links are always such a good read, thanks Shannon. You may want to look at the Iris Apfel link, it doesn’t seem to be working.

  2. Oh my goodness! Those eggs! My girls and I will be doing ours tomorrow and something makes me think they won’t look quite like any of these. So beautiful- thanks for sharing!

  3. Sigh, you posted a pic of favorite French herring bone floors. I’m a self admitted minimalist but the bed is gorgeous…I live vicariously through friends ; ). I’ve been looking for good quality summer bed linens in a similar lavender in the bed picture. Not easy.

    The blue on the polka dot and paler eggs is stunning and would love for toss cushions (not too many for me though).

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