Decor Inspiration: A Kitchen to Live In

Dec 03, 2015

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While I am not one for large, expansive homes as it is more to clean, heat, decorate and pay for, no matter what the size of a featured abode, there is always inspiration to be had. Designed by a husband and wife team, this Floridian home is currently being completed, but the kitchen is already finished and worth a peek. Alex and Cynthia Rice have built a manse of a home for their family of three kids, but with their design prowess, I can see why they want much space to play with. From the plank accent wall to the large kitchenette seating area, and don’t forget the dual gas stove, I am a fan. Enjoy the tour.

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Images via Old Seagrove Homes

One thought on “Decor Inspiration: A Kitchen to Live In

  1. Prices down south are better and a house like this is not very expensive in Florida. They have good taste though. Very well done.

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