Just Be You

Jan 10, 2017

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Sometimes style is the vessel through which we learn one of life’s most valuable lessons. Such a vessel, if indeed an accurate analogy, also reveals the accurate parallel details.

Such a simple statement, Just be you, but for anyone whose self didn’t align with the accepted norms, you know, as well as I, that it takes courage. And even if your signature style is much like the armor you wear to successfully navigate the world, if it is different from expectation, you must find your courage to do so from within. But do so. It is worth it. Why? It makes you memorable, even if you do not care to be remembered. And the memory of the style you dared to don goes beyond remembering the vestments you wore and reveals the courageous woman or man who wore them.

So today, I offer you inspiration to just be yourself when it comes to pulling together the outfit for the day. The outfits included into today’s post may or may not be your style (you can find more Style Inspiration here), but hopefully they will remind you that confidence combined with personality is a priceless combination.

(Loving those black velvet mules above? Alberta Ferretti – shop here.)

6 thoughts on “Just Be You

  1. I love your idea of developing a personal style rather than following fashion. A wardrobe with classic pieces gives the opportunity to personalise your style with your accessories. I have collected vintage gold charms at major life events and you have inspired me to take them to the jeweller this week to add them to my bracelet. The ultimate personal accessory, don’t you think?

  2. It’s true; when you stand out by wearing your own style, people remember you. Patrons of the tavern where my husband works, who have only met me once, are always asking my husband — to my delight — how Mimi is. She’s such a stylish dresser!

  3. Being stylish sets you apart from all others in all environs. My school age children are often asked “is that your mom!” with a tone of wonder. All it takes is a little bit of make-up and a tidy stylish outfit. Even just a scarf tossed on will do! Make your family proud your theirs- fix yourself up each day.

  4. Shannon:
    Thank you!
    I absolutely love this post! In a world that promotes women ‘imitation’ and encourages ‘copy cat-ing’ it’s really nice to start the new year encouraging all to ‘just be you’. Be confident in who you are, what you wear and honing your personal style. When done with confidence, it exudes and commands attention without a word. Thank you for this much needed confirmation.

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