Just Black, Just Right

Mar 14, 2017

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It’s so simple, it’s sometimes hard to step away. Creating a slimming silhouette, hiding all of the not-so-favorite-parts and accentuating our favorites. Whether with a classic black silk blouse, a black dress or pointed black flats, black is a necessity in every person’s closet, man or woman. Black is a comfort choice in many ways but at the same time offers timeless style and a touch of mystery. Today, be inspired to elevate the power of black in your wardrobe.

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8 thoughts on “Just Black, Just Right

  1. Hi Shannon,
    Do you think anyone can wear black? I love black, but have been told I am an autumn and that it can wash me out. I love neutrals and only a pop of color with a scarf or stud earrings, maybe a necklace. Or with a handbag. Love wearing black leggings. Need ideas so I don’t feel too drab or boring. Thanks!!

  2. I can understand why you question the “black” statement. I look fine in black, but for a friend of mine, it just brings out the dark circles under her eyes–not such a good look for her… In this article from Inside Out Style Blog Imogen partly explains why: https://insideoutstyleblog.com She also has a number of articles on her blog to help you find your best colors, contrasts and style. Although I’m not such a fan of a lot of her wardrobe choices for me, she does often offer some excellent advice, in my opinion. When people talk about the “little black dress” I now just think “little neutral colored dress that doesn’t stand out which you can accessorize to fit the occasion”. Anyway, best wishes to you and thanks to Shannon for all the great articles!

    1. Thank you for further information. You are exactly right regarding the little black dress. The key is ultimately find a hue that is neutral and therefore transitional for many occasions to ensure we feel and look our best.

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