This & That: July 7, 2017

Jul 07, 2017

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Wine All the Time by Marissa A. Ross

Released this past June (27th), the official wine columnist of Bon Appétit magazine shares an accessible book about wine and the culture of France’s drink of choice. Discover how to find the best wine on your budget, accurately describe what you are tasting thereby being able to describe what you want when stepping into your local wine shop, and master the art of pairing wine with food. In a playful tone, Ross takes readers into a previously mysterious (perhaps) arena and sheds light on what initially, but unnecessarily seems daunting to understand. (Read this article to get a taste of her approach to wine.)


—The Hero

Sam Elliott. The voice, aptly described by film critic Peter Debruge as “wet-gravel”. In many ways his new film, The Hero, which debuted at Sundance earlier this year, purposely has many similarities to his own acting career except one glaring difference – Elliott continues to get scripts while his character, Lee Hayden, the faded-glory Western star, does not. Have a look at the trailer and look for it in movie theaters now.

Francophile Find

A Paris All Your Own: Best-Selling Woman Authors on the City of Light by Eleanor Brown

The New York Times bestselling author, Eleanor Brown who joined me on the podcast last summer when her book The Light of Paris was released, has just released a compilation of essays from well-known and beloved women authors who each have written books inspired by Paris. What makes each essay unique is how different each of their experiences of the City of Light were.  Who are some of the authors you may be wondering? Here’s a quick peek: Paula McLain, Therese Anne Fowler, Meg Waite Clayton, M. J. Rose, Susan Vreeland, Cara Black, Lauren Willig, and Julie Powell (author of Julie & Julia). Phew! Now this book looks perfect for traveling to Paris from the comfort of your own home. Frugal travel. (For more summer reading ideas, check out TSLL’s 10 Summer Books for 2017 here).


—Diane Lane’s camera in Paris Can Wait – Leica C Digital Camera

Since the post which offered shopping opportunities to duplicate Diane Lane’s wardrobe scene in her most recent film Paris Can Wait in the weekly Style Inspiration post, many of you have emailed asking about the camera as well as her tote. Well, the good news is I have found one of them and will continue to keep my eye out for the other  I have found them both with the help of readers and some investigating! Leica C digital camera in rose gold is the exact camera seen below. While it is pricey,  if you are a regular photog, it might be worth saving up for. And the tote is from Tod’s, their Medium Joy bag in brown (there are more colors). Again, a significant investment, but as Diane demonstrates, quite versatile and will last for a long time.

—AMO Lover In the Cards Jeans

Just this past Tuesday on the weekly Style Inspiration post, cropped ankle jeans were the focus of summer time classic style. And while I shared a handful of shopping options on that particular post, I recently came across this pair from Forward’s shopping site that are worth checking out. Perfect for spring or summer, the hue is light, worn and hits at just above the ankle (again, check the length to confirm for your height) and is a simple straight leg style with a comfortable waist height.

Engineered Garments Cinch Pants in Khaki

Another essential for summer is the khaki pant. But why not make sure the khaki looks tailored and well fitted? These cinched pants (in the back) would be beautifully paired with a loose fitting white linen shirt and white camisole. And I have found a classic white linen button up that goes easy on the budget here from The White Company that I think you will love. Be sure to check it out.


Sudio Bluetooth earphones & headphones

I regularly listen to my iPod when I go on my daily walks with my dogs, but I must admit I have had a few “conversations” with the earphones due to the tangled mess created by the cords more times than I would like to admit. But not anymore.

Sudio Sweden’s new Bluetooth technology made available in their Vasa Blå earphones eliminates the cord. Capable of up to 8+ hours of listening time, the headphones can connect to any device that is Bluetooth compatible. Your smart phone? Yep. Want to have a conversation on your walk without the pesky cords? Yep. I have been using their Vasa Blå rose gold white earphones (seen below) and love them. With studio sound quality, I feel as though I have surround sound wherever in nature I may be, and they make it easy to skip ahead or back in your playlist as well.

If you’re curious and in need of becoming untangled, TSLL readers have a special discount. Simply enter TSLL15 at checkout for any of their items and receive 15% off your purchase. Happy listening!


—Odd Mom Out

It’s back. Odd Mom Out‘s star Jill Kargman who plays mom on the Upper East Side who just doesn’t fit in, Jill Weber, returns for its third season. Premiering on Bravo Wednesday July 12th at 10 pm, tune in for the antics, the laughs and a summer viewing good-time. Have a look at the trailer below.


~recipe for Caramelised Red Onion & Goat Cheese Tarts~

Summer warmth and good, fresh food. How was your Fourth of July celebration? I am not sure, but I think some people may still be celebrating, traveling and vacationing. When did this particular holiday weekend begin anyway? Last weekend or on Tuesday and run through this weekend? Either way, summer is here and the pace is perfect and flexible.

Trying new recipes, exploring new topics in my writing, reading intriguing books, watching Le Tour de France and some tennis at Wimbledon. Yep, pretty much, that is my summer at that moment, and it’s quite sweet. I do hope yours is sweet and delicious as well. Below are more than a few articles I think you might enjoy. Until Monday bonne journée!

~Are you watching Wimbledon as much as I am? If you are, the all-white dress code has always intrigued me. Discover how many athletes have bent, but not broken this rule over the years.

~Speaking of athletes, your abs will get a workout with this 6 1/2 minute ab routine from former Olympic swimming champion Dana Torres. (I tried it. My abs hurt. It’s tough, but doable. Now, I am determined to stick with it. We’ve got this!)

~Finding the balance:  here are 7 tips to try to make your work and personal life work meld well together

~I must admit, I gravitate towards books and posts when the phrase “French Woman/Girl” are in the title. Why does it work and what does that mean? Read this article to find out “How to Sell A Million Dollar Myth Like a French Girl

~Does this post fall into that category of the French seduction? 10 Things You Need in Your Kitchen According to Parisians . . . perhaps, but their points are worth considering.

~David Leibovitz’s latest recipe shared on the blog proves many of the points shared in the above post to be true. Fresh, top quality, simply delicious.

~As a local in Bend, the French cuisine is one of the few that has been ignored . . . until now. Take a look inside the new French Market dining establishment for lunch and dinner.

~Have your shopping habits changed as you have grown older? Most likely for the better, and here are a few more things to consider “Shopping Mistakes to Avoid After You’re 30

~It really is true, money and fame are actually a byproduct of true success, and here are 8 signs to prove the point.

~Speaking of success, these 10 things are habits that the most successful people do each day.

7 thoughts on “This & That: July 7, 2017

  1. Off to see the Hero this afternoon. Nothing like stealing away a bit early for the day and an afternoon date. We all work so hard and plan so much as you mention today that spontaneous events are even more special! Thanks for the info as always!-Laurel

  2. Hi Shannon,
    Thank you for the recommendation on the headphones. I always know when you recommend something, it will be an excellent product and worth the investment.

    I’m also a big fan of Sharon Santoni- I went with her on a brocante tour last fall and am returning on the Paris Luxuries tour this fall. What strikes me about her is she is so elegant and yet completely un-pretentious. A very special woman.

    Bon weekend!

    1. Oh what a lovely time you must have had with Sharon. She is truly lovely. Thank you for your comment and for your time in stopping by. I am enjoying the Sudio headphones. The sound quality is impressive and will be perfect on a plane to block out noise. I think you will enjoy.

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