This & That: July 22, 2016

Jul 22, 2016

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Champagne Baby: How One Parisian Learned to Love Wine–and Life–The American Way by Laure Dugas

Often is the case of the book written by the American who settles into her life in France, but now Laure Dugas shares the reverse of the tale: a French woman making her life and finding the life of her dreams in America. Born into a family of wine makers, Laure Dugas shares her journey of being sent by her uncle to represent the family business in New York City and discovering that many of life’s lessons align beautifully with how to choose and approach wine. Praised by French Women Don’t Get Fat‘s own author Mireille Giuliano and released just this past May, a delightful summer read is in store.

Edible French: Tasty Expressions and Cultural Bites by Clotilde Dusoulier

Blogger of the French food and travel blog Chocolate & Zucchini and author of a handful of wonderful cookbooks and French culture books, Clotilde Dusoulier wrote a few years ago (2014) Edible French, and as it sometimes happens, I am just learning of it now. However, if you are someone who is curious about the idiosyncrasies of the French language and its frequent marriage with anything food, this book is for you. Discover 50 of the French’s most popular food-expressions as well as the history of how they came to be. Full of beautiful illustrations by Melina Josserand, Edible French is a fun book for the Francophile who also loves food.

Simplissime: Le Livre de Cuisine le + Facile du Monde by Jean-François Mallet

An interesting fact, most cookbooks in France are considered to have done well if they sell 10,000 copies. So when chef, Paris-based food writer and photographer Jean-François Mallet’s cookbook Simplissime: Le Livre de Cuisine le + Facile du Monde sold 250,000 when it debuted last fall, people took note. Profiled in last week’s WSJ, Mallet shares what he thinks is the reason for its success, “These books are my answer to what people tell me constantly: ‘I’d like to cook but I don’t have the time or the money.’” And so after 10 years of working on the cookbook, he has produced a resource with the goal of enabling someone who knows how to make one dish very well, now “learn to make three or four other things well, and that by doing so, they’ll find the confidence to eventually start cooking without a cookbook.” I must say, I want to take a look at this cookbook and this version is in French which aligns with my French language-learning goal, but if you can wait until September, an English translation of the first book will be published by Black Dog Books.

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Absolutely Fabulous

When I first learned of this raucous film Absolutely Fabulous, I had never heard of the British television series from which it was spun. But I quickly learned that Edina and Patsy are two PR agents, now in their sixties and flamboyant in their behavior as well as their fashion choices (in fact in both the Sunday New York Times and The Wall Street Journal‘s weekend section last week, this duo’s fashion label choices were quite the big deal and discussed in-depth). The plot is one of humorous desperation as they are in need of resuscitating their business and renewing their business reputation. The film debuted in the south of France last fall and on July 1st in England; finally today, it will premiere in the states. I am patiently waiting for it to arrive in Bend as it looks like a delightfully funny, laugh-out-loud, need-to-step-away-from-the-real-world-for-a-moment film.

Francophile Find

Essential French Grammar

As adults who want to learn French, knowing how to approach the learning process can be daunting. The Essential French Grammar book is designed with the adult learner’s goals in mind: teach the basic grammar constructions, don’t get too highly literary and make it worth the learner’s time. This book is not a watered down version of a French language lesson (rest-assured, you will be challenged), but you will be challenged and asked to know what you need to know.

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Veronica Beard Verita V-Back Pencil Dress

A simple silhouette, a classic stripe fabric and now at a wonderfully low price. Veronica Beard’s Verita V-back pencil dress is a subtle statement that reveals the quiet confidence of the woman wearing the outfit. Available in all sizes, for less than $150 and originally $495, if this is your style, scoop it up now for your spring capsule wardrobe.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Begins Today!

The semi-annual Nordstrom Anniversary sale begins to day with steep reductions on clothing, shoes, designer collections and beauty supplies. Below are a few hand-picked items, but you can shop the entire sale here which runs through August 7th. Roberto Cavalli’s leopard sheath is a steal of a deal for a fall capsule wardrobe, and it is always a good idea to have a pair of Donna Karan’s sheers on hand. Happy shopping!


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Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

I happened to come across Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls website recently and immediately wanted to bring it to my niece’s attention as well as share here on the blog. The quote above expressed by Poehler is a important reminder to value brains well before beauty, as it is a girl’s confidence that will lead her toward a successful and content life no matter which path she chooses. Be sure to check it out, as it is a wealth of a resource for girls and women of any age.

Fairy God Boss

And speaking of women helping women, the FairyGodBoss website is a destination, hailed by top news publications around the country for helping women be aware of their pay in comparison to their colleagues, be aware of quality jobs that will align with their skills and offer tools and tips for continuing to improve and excel in the workplace. With the ultimate goal of improving the workplace for all women by creating transparency about the company polices and culture, not only will women benefit, but the entire work industry will benefit as well.



~recipe for Tarte au Chocolat~

After a week of “aha!”s and “oh no”s, Friday has arrived and with more up moments than down, progress is being made. But it was the “aha’s” that won the week, and upon reflection, many of the “oh no”s were indeed powerful lessons that needed to be learned as to continue to build the life I love living.

On Monday and Tuesday, the rain poured down and the thunder roared, and I enjoyed so much simply sitting in my home with the windows open and taking in the sweet scent. These simple pleasures are the most wonderful priceless moments that I can’t imagine living without, and it is such moments that make the everyday exciting to wake up and enjoy.

I hope your week went well. I hope you are staying cool if you are in the heat wave that much of the country is experiencing, and no matter where you are in the world, I hope you are looking at the weekend and smiling as you contemplate your plans. Thank you for stopping by and below are a few articles I think you might enjoy. Until Monday, bonne journèe!

~9 Skills You Should Learn That Will Pay Dividends Forever

~How stressed are you really? Take a look at this chart to find out simply.

~Whether you are a parent, a grandparent or an aunt or uncle, this is a thoughtful article about what NOT to do as a parent to help your children be more successful and happy as they grow into their adult-selves.

~Another intriguing graphic about the 13 Differences Between Busy and Effective People

~This simple summer pasta recipe looks delicious!

~The Modern Woman’s Guide to Professional Etiquette . . . some wonderful simple reminders

~One more cooking post – eggs – How to Make Eggs in Every Possible Way

7 thoughts on “This & That: July 22, 2016

  1. I love the blog Chocolate and Zucchini, and all her cookbooks!
    Also love Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls site!!!!
    The busy vs. effective list sounds like a huge argument between my mother and myself. On telling her I didn’t have time for sewing, didn’t enjoy it, wasn’t good at it and saw no reason to do it, she said, “I can’t believe I raised such a closed-minded daughter!” She was always busy and harried, and frankly very unhappy. I became boss of the European division of a big U.S. company. Life isn’t a bowl of cherries all the time, but, even after having left the big company, it’s pretty darn good, especially when you don’t sweat the small stuff.

  2. —Champagne Baby sounds really fun, but how much more interesting if she’d landed, say, in Dayton, Ohio? Still, I’m looking forward to reading it, I just wish someday, someone, would publish a book that wasn’t Manhattan-loving.

  3. You are my favorite fashion curator Shannon! I had early access for Nordstrom but I knew I would want to see your selection. Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Shannon!
    I’m lover of all things France, French, and food. I believe we have this in common, so I I highly recommend checking out Elle À Table. It’s a very chic french food magazine. I picked up a copy on a trip to France last year. After searching desperately for a way to read it in the states I discover it on Apple’s Newsstand app via iPad or iPhone. The magazine is in french (with metric measurements) so it’s good practice for french learners (comme toi & moi) Even if you just purchase 1 edition (they are $2.99 each) it’s worth it, the photos are gorgeous, the articles are interesting, and the recipes aren’t too difficult as the magazine is targeted towards a homecook audience. I’ve found that reading something that I’m interested in helps when I’m practicing my french. I read through it over a 1-2 month period with a my translator handy, it’s great!
    I hope you try it and enjoy it!

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