Jennifer Aniston’s Home is California Chill and Sophistication

Feb 08, 2018

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Look closely . . . in each room.

Jennifer Aniston exemplifies the art of being beloved by the public, but deeply private as well. The home she shares with her husband Justin Thoreux in the hills of Los Angeles reveals a woman, a couple, that embraces the California chill attitude, but retains a rich sophistication and appreciation for intimate details and signature design.

For example, the powder room could easily be found in a luxurious flat in London with the floral noir wallpaper and black countertop with carved sink, and the office (above) confidently exudes authority, but conveys an inviting energy suggesting the guest to stay awhile and let me hear what you have to share so that I might consider your proposal. Ironically, she shares in her interview with Architectural Digest in their March 2018 issue that she doesn’t often work in this office and finds herself typing away at her laptop in the kitchen as she finds it much cozier. But still, I’ll take the office and especially the vintage leather club chairs if she doesn’t want them.

There are many similarities in her choice of design with the previous home she remodeled which was featured in AD in 2010 (see here), but there is also a maturity that is exhibited in the home she shares with Thoreux. Admiting that if she wasn’t an actress, she’d be a designer, she certainly as an eye for combining complementary textures, colors and eclectic, yet once-placed-side-by-side-furniture ideally paired.

Again, look closely . . . the pictures above the vintage rosewood credenza as well as the paintings of her three dogs on the right, the Muppets character on the right side of the master bed, the Tiffany lamp in the living room (just below), the marble bathtub looking out onto the Zen garden, and how it all works well together. One of the lessons I am taking away from her home is to make sure we infuse a touch of our own personality into our homes yet still respect the design process. Enjoy the tour.

Discover even more pictures of her home and learn all the details as well as read her entire interview here.


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All images via Architectural Digest’s March 2018 issue

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