Jennifer Aniston and her Go-to Color, Black

Dec 03, 2019

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If there is one traditional color that when worn by Jennifer Aniston reminds style watchers of the power of basic monochromatic hues, it is black.

Throughout her entire career Aniston has defaulted to black in many different high-profile red carpet and press junket occasions. Never one to choose extravagant, gauche, excessively trendy pieces, Aniston reminds us why classics, and sticking to the colors that work best with our skin tone and hair color are timeless and savvy choices.

During the past year, often in promotion of the premiere of The Morning Show, her choice to wear black allowed her personality and conversation to be at the forefront. Exhibiting her winsome personality, one then discovers that indeed her outfit is spectacular in its simplicity, but also in its subtle, smart details.

From the accessories (large-rim glasses, gold necklaces and watch, an index finger ring) to the classic statement heels, they finish the outfit, as does her seemingly effortlessly coiffed hair, glowing skin and a smile and engagement with her audience that makes onlookers ask “How does she do it?”.

Yes, admittedly, I may be gushing. Okay, I am gushing, but Aniston has weathered oodles of relationship press storms that came in deluges for years since her rise to stardom in FRIENDS. Now, finally, it appears she is receiving her long-overdue deserved recognition for business and acting acumen, relationship or no relationship, who cares about her personal life, is it really any of our business anyway? Which is precisely why she lets her wardrobe be the background (albeit a well-styled background) for the life she has built.

However, that is just the point with a smartly chosen wardrobe; it frames the wearer of the clothes and lets the person wearing the outfit shine, which is why a monochromatic neutral outfit is powerful. And black is Jennifer’s sartorial secret.

Let this be inspiiration for us all to find our go-to neutral color (yes, I realize black technically is not a color), and invest wisely and well so that when we pull the items together, they fit the moment we are in and elevate it a notch or two, bolstering our confidence.

3 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston and her Go-to Color, Black

  1. My favorite style inspiration is Jennifer Aniston! I too where black a lot, and neutrals and denim. But as I’ve gotten older I think that black seems a bit harsh on me, so I am struggling to find what works now. Have been wearing more cream and ivory for tops and carrying black handbag. For some reason when I try to wear color I go right back to a safe neutral color and then feel more like myself. But I do worry If it is too plain or boring. I love simplicity and clean lines, not a lot of frill. If you have any suggestions Shannon I’d would surely welcome them!!! I do have warmer undertones in my skin.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi there! I’m the same .. as I get older I transitioned to wearing more navy, charcoal, taupe, burgundy and moss green as well as darker red tones of course in combo with black and camel or stone – kind of Meghan Markle … its not harsh to the skin and goes well with both silver and gold jewelry. I tend to dress in one color and only small patterns… it works quite well. I live in Vienna – which also means cold winters – so long coat is a must as well as puffa jackets- they combine well with all black ?

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