Ina Garten’s Gorgeous Garden

Jul 14, 2016

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Good things take time and persistence pays off. These are two lessons derived from the profile article of Ina Garten (aka the Barefoot Contessa) in Elle Decor‘s July/August 2016 issue. As The Barefoot Contessa series evolved, they began to include her jaunts out to her garden at her East Hampton’s home, and oh, her garden is both well-manicured, but also resemblant of a British country garden with its abundance of foliage. But what many didn’t realize was that it took 10 years to finally purchase the land adjacent to her home’s property to complete her dream of the full garden we see today.

The entire story is here, and I encourage you to read it. Ina had a vision from the very beginning of what she wanted, and in time, and with persistence, it paid off.

So for now, I am savoring this gallery of beautiful images from her garden until her new cookbook is released in October (the 25th), Cooking for Jeffrey. I am also happy to share that she is taping new episodes of her show for Food Network to accompany the book’s release. Woohoo! You can follow her on Instagram if you are as big of a fan of hers as I am, and stop by her website to stay caught up. Enjoy the garden tour!






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Images via Elle Decor July/August 2016 issue, last image from Delish

One thought on “Ina Garten’s Gorgeous Garden

  1. Very pretty but a lot of work! I wonder how many gardeners she has. I would want to live next door, with nothing more than a terrace myself, and be able to look over at her place–to get the beauty without the effort.

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