Hues of Blue, Hydrangeas and Hints of the Sea

Dec 15, 2016

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Arrange a few hydrangeas throughout a home, snap a photo and my eye has officially been drawn to the space. As seen on many of my IG pics, the simplicity and regality of even just one “pom pom” or flowerhead is one of my go-to and much beloved weekly rituals to add a touch of luxury to the everyday. And so it was perusing through interior designer Mark D. Sikes’ website that I came across a Montecito home that was generous with bundles of hydrangeas but also sprinkled the cool and calming hues of blue and touches of the sea, and you guessed it, I was entranced.

Recently Sikes released his first decor book which has already become a best-seller. Titled Beautiful: All-American Decorating and Timeless Styleit demonstrates on each page his attention to modern traditional style offering comfort and touches from both American and European-inspired aesthetics. See more of his portfolio here and enjoy the tour below.



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