A Quintessential Maine Getaway

Jul 13, 2017

Summer is in full swing in the states, vacation rentals have already been booked, plans have been made, and many are already on their getaways, but as I am planning my trip for next summer, reserving my rentals to assure I have a sanctuary of a place to stay, I wanted to share a gem with you if you are at all interested in visiting Maine. Harbor Cottage is a cottage reborn as they like to say, and it is a sweet retreat.

Of course it was the clawfoot tub which first drew my attention to the home, but as I toured around the grounds, I found it to be a dream of a place to vacation. For $2000/wk during spring and fall, and $3000 in the summer, this getaway vacation home can be yours.

The owners, Tony and Fiona, have remodeled Harbor Cottage significantly, turning it to face the water, completely renovating the original 1960s village store (which became Harbor Cottage) and the small guest cottage as well as adding a boat house. Fiona, who would come to Maine with her family and whose family purchased the cottage decades ago, is originally from New York City and Tony from England; she held jobs as a fashion editor, stylist and writer and he as a judge.

The cottage is located between the towns of Tenants Harbor and Port Clyde and is situated near the shore offering both “simple pleasures and community”. Sounds as though our predilections are quite similar, non?

Whether you plan on visiting Maine or not, the Harbor Cottage is a wealth of inspiration for cozy, sophisticated, simple living. Enjoy the tour, and learn more here.


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