Happy Holidays from TSLL!

Dec 23, 2012

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Christmas Eve has nearly arrived (for some it may already be here), and I am hoping and wishing for a white Christmas. The weather men and women are saying it’s going to happen, so hopefully they are spot on. And after a day of perusing around Walla Walla doing some last minute shopping for gifts and picking up tasty goodness for Monday nights’ family soiree, I am ready to celebrate.  Bring on the holidays!

As I mentioned on Friday, this coming week’s posts will be a gathering of all of the top posts from 2012 here on the blog designated to the particular day in which they appeared (i.e. Motivational posts on Monday, Why Not . . .? on Wednesday, Style on Thursday, etc), and I will also be sharing with you where you can find all of your favorite Why Not . . .? and Motivational posts that many of you have been inquiring about.

Needless to say, this one week of the year in which new posts are halted is my way of recharging so that I can find new and creative ideas and inspiration to share with you the readers of TSLL in 2013. And trust me, I can’t wait to begin 2013 with a bang (so much so that the first new post will go live on Monday December 31st).

Over the past three years of sharing myself with you, I continue to be humbled by your kindness, conversations and inspiration. Thank you so very much for stopping by whenever you do. I hope that this holiday season finds you and those you love healthy, happy and looking forward to 2013 with high hopes and simply luxurious aspirations.

Now, I’m off to prepare my cocktail party for tomorrow night, and can’t wait to finally wear a dress that has been hanging in the closet for far too long (follow on Twitter or Instagram to catch a glimpse – hint: flappers have all the fun).

Joyeuses fêtes!


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3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from TSLL!

  1. I haven’t been following you for very long, less than a month, and I love your posts. Keep up the amazing inspriration because I love it, and its something all your readers need!!!

  2. Thank you for your wonderful blog! It continues to be a source of inspiration and I’m looking forward to more thought -provoking and stylish posts next year. Merry Christmas!

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