Happy Anniversary Kate & William

Apr 29, 2012

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A year ago today, millions watched as Prince William wed the commoner Kate Middleton, now known as the Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. I can remember setting my alarm for 2 am and becoming hypnotized by the entire procession of events: the bride stepping into the car (who had the fortunate opportunity to design her dress, we all wondered), the drive through the throngs of adoring onlookers, the revealing of the dress, Pippa’s dress too and it all continued to keep me transfixed. (click here to see all the images and read about the details from the royal wedding day.)

Since then, Kate has continued to impress with her regal, feminine style, her respectful mannerisms and ability to capture young and old attention alike. From their trip through Canada and the States to the many different events she attends – movie premieres, royal celebrations and so much more, she continues to be someone I can’t help but pay attention to (if only for her style). In honor of their anniversary, enjoy a glance back in photos of Kate’s first year as a member of the royal family.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Kate & William

  1. I remember getting up in the wee hours of the morning to watch the wedding and all of the media coverage! They are a very sweet, loving and beautiful couple. It is sad that Princess Diana is not a part of it but, in spirit she is. I actually wrote a post last year partaking in a linky party getting all dressed up for the event and wrote it as though I was a guest and close personal friend of the bride and groom…it got quite a response. And to think I was just trying to be creative with my writing! 🙂

  2. As a citizen of the Commonwealth I felt so proud of William and Kate. It’s a funny thing being from Australia, sitting amongst Americans watching the wedding and lives of the Royals – for a lot of Americans it’s a bit like watching Hollywood celebrities. For a ‘Commonwealther’ it felt like watching family.
    Diana was a remarkable and beautiful soul, and she would be so proud of her son and his beautiful bride. I love them all and take inspiration from the way they lead their lives.

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