Great Lengths

Jan 17, 2017

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With the chill of winter, knowing a warm wool or cashmere coat is just waiting in the coat closet ready to be worn is a comforting thought indeed. During the holiday shopping months with the sales abounding, I made the decision to invest in winter coats and nothing else. After much waiting I picked up this simple, yet classic cashmere-wool blend trench and couldn’t be happier with my find, especially since I purchased it at a steep discount. (See Net-a-Porter’s coat sale and The Outnet’s here.)

Sales are continuing on quality winter coats through the month of January, and with a clear idea of what you want, you can find yourself a lovely investment item without having to invest all that much. The long coat or mid-calf length (midi-length) is a popular choice as it can be worn over dresses and more formal attire as well as with denim and more casual outfits. I have even worn my new coat over my yoga ensemble simply to make sure I stayed warm from home to studio and back again. Have a look at some inspiration and enjoy.

~Many readers have commented about the Max Mara camel coat (not seen here, but a classic winter coat). While indeed an investment, when you can find it on sale, it is worth purchasing. Below are a handful of Max Mara coats. Take a look and then save it with Shoptagr so that you will be alerted when it goes on sale, no matter how far down the road that may be.


~To shop each outfit, click on each individual image to be redirected to the original source.


~View more Style Inspiration here.

6 thoughts on “Great Lengths

  1. I bought my first cashmere coat from Max Mara more than 10 years ago in black and it is still as good as new. Since, I have invested in a camel colour cashmere coat, also from Max Mara and haven’t felt the need to buy anything else for winter for work. They are both classic design and will never get out of fashion. Investments in classic pieces always pay off.

  2. Great post! Do you know the brand of the beautiful white coat pictured 4th from the bottom of the photos? I love it! Thank you for any information you might be able to provide.

  3. Hello Shannon! I bought my first camello cashemere coat un max mara too, last year un sale. It is classic and I adore it!!

  4. I agree with Polja, I have a ten year old Max Mara that looks brand new. I also invested in a wool Burberry, which is a stunning classic. January-February is a good time to get a coat on sale. Thank you Shannon, for making winter garb look so glamorous, it helps me get through this Canadian winter!

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