French Street Style Inspiration for Summer

Jul 09, 2019

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Parisian women and men treat the eyes to daily sartorial inspiration and remind the weary traveler that tending to what we wear is a gesture to act in a respectful manner while visiting a city so adored by the Francophile.

I didn’t take many pictures this trip of street style fashion, but I did capture this outfit as best as I could as I appreciated many ideas the woman demonstrated with complete nonchalant ease. Context is always interesting to me, so I will share this was a Wednesday morning at about eight in the 5th arrondissement on Rue Monge. I am assuming she may be on her way to work having just arrived in the neighborhood off of the Metro, but I cannot be sure. First let me explain the outfit as the picture doesn’t properly capture all of the colors and prints:

~A blue and white stripe oversized button-up shirt that is untucked completely (no French tuck in here!). A black over-the-shoulder hobo tote and black pointed toe kitten-heel pumps with white denim jeans. I believe she was wearing black sunglasses as well as she passed me on the street.

Okay, let’s break this effortlessly chic outfit down.

  • Mixing black and blue – do it, don’t be afraid of doing it. Yves Saint Laurent will be proud when you do.
  • Black heels in the summer – completely fine when mixed with spring and summer hued clothing items such as the white pants and blue and white stripe shirt
  • Yes, heels, but low heels – choose a brand that is kind to your feet (this will be different for everyone).
  • Choose inter-mixable separates – every piece of this item is timeless and can be worn with limitless other items for at least two seasons throughout the year if not more (the white pants are the only item that is relegated to spring and summer only, but everything else could pretty much be worn year round.
  • The classic chignon – we cannot forget the hair, and her chignon was smashingly perfect while looking dated. I have included a tutorial video on how to create a modern French Chignon at the end of this post from Harper’s Bazaar.

Since I was not able to post an Outfit of the Week last week, I going to shop an outfit inspired by today’s above image. And if you’re shopping at ShopBop today and tomorrow (as I did for most of the outfit seen below), use the promo code EXTRA19 to save up to an additional 75% off Designer sale items.

~Cleobellow Willow black tote or Perrin Crocodile-Trimmed Le Baggala Hobo Tote~

~Cole Haan Vest black pump 45mm (other colors)~

~Stella McCartney Skinny Trousers or Veronica Beard Jean Kate Skinny Jeans~

~Shirtini Claridge and King Blue Stripe Boyfriend Shirt (I recently wrote about this shirt as it is now my favorite boyfriend button-up), more shirts here~

~Rag & Bone Classic black sunglasses (more colors)~

~Parcelona French Sleek AA Brown Tortoise Shell Large Wavy (3)

~Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange (2011), read my review on this book when it was originally released.~




16 thoughts on “French Street Style Inspiration for Summer

  1. Look forward to your posts every day. Great look. I so appreciate an outfit that can go from home to public and look polished at the same time. Recently on another group a person commented on wearing pj’s in public, thinking it totally acceptable in our “casually dressed world.” I was surprised at how many agreed with her. While this look is totally comfortable it goes far beyond nightwear! French style is forward thinking and timeless at the same time.

  2. Love the lady’s outfit! Love that kitten heels give those of us who are tall a comfortable way to wear the heel look. (I am 5’12” :). I want to know how she kept her shirt back so wrinkle free! I am guessing she hasn’t worn it all day. Love her fresh pressed look.

    Thanks for sharing these style moments with us, Shannon!! I did buy the Cuyuna bag you featured, in caramel and with the insert, and love it! It was the insert that sold me-especially the water bottle pocket!

    1. Lori, so glad you are enjoying the tote! Yes, the insert sold it for me as well. I had the tote with me everyday in France and it was perfect. Great eyes regarding the wrinkles – I don’t know!!! It was at the beginning of the day, but still! Great observation.

      1. Love this look. Timeless.Dare I say it. A certain’ je ne sais quoi’. If it’s a sunny day in winter I dould wear a pair of white jeans.Shannon it would be nice to have a peek at one or two of your outfits when you’re on vacances . I know you’re not too keen on posting yourself?

  3. This outfit is such a palette cleanser. Ninety’s minimalist style has caught my attention this summer. One day I probably spent two hours studying pictures of Caroline Bissett Kennedy’s style. This outfit fits right in with what I’m looking for in clothes. I’m ready for some quiet inspiration and style.

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