French Street Style

Aug 23, 2016

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Whether it is the gift of being an inhabitant of France or perhaps it is the influence of simply stepping foot on the terra firma of Paris, whatever the je ne sais quoi is that amplifies the style quotient in the City of Light, the style inspiration is endless. In fact in March of this past year, photographer Jonathan Paciullo (of Frenchy Style blog) partnered with Paris Aéroport – the authority that manages the city’s airports – to capture what people have already been noticing of the fliers arriving and departing: they knew how to dress and dress well. During the month of March, an exhibit of 27 ginormous images hung for all to see as they passed through to their final destination. You can see all of them here, but a few are included below. As well, you will find street style images from this past February in Paris at the F/W 2016 fashion week in the city captured by Phil Oh (you can see hundred more here). And an few additional images are included for added French Style Inspiration. Enjoy!












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Images via Vogue, Frenchy Style & simply click on each image to be taken to the original source.

6 thoughts on “French Street Style

  1. Même si elles s’apportent une jupe où les jeans; elles sont tellement chics. Je suis reconnaissant que tu nous donnes les moyens d’être une petite peu comme elles.

  2. It’s funny–the style here is dressier than casual Americans, but not as fussy/formal as dressy Americans. When they dress down, they keep it nice. And when they dress up, they keep a certain air of being “decontractée.”

    1. Very true! Great observation. There is a similar style that includes self-respect, comfort and signature style that is uniquely each persons and doesn’t put on a different persona for a special or more casual occasion. Great point.

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