French Blue, the Decor Color of 2020? Sounds Great to Me!

Dec 19, 2019

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House Beautiful recently shared the prevalence of a new color that can certainly act as a neutral with its gray undertones – French blue.

As luck would have it, I stumbled upon Caitlin Wilson’s decor and shop website as I was perusing grasscloth wallpaper, and she too has a predilection for French blue (see image below). So perhaps 2020 will be the year of French blue touches or significant decor ideas. I wouldn’t be upset about that for a moment.

Even if French blue was not the choice of the upcoming year, I would and have gravitated toward it anyway. The picture I captured at the top of the post can be seen in the heart of Aix en Provence as you wander through the narrow medieval streets (see my entire tour of the city here with author M.L. Longworth). The classic French blue shutters epitomize the everyday details that are hard to erase from our minds (not that we are trying to) of a culture that fills us with memories and moments we never want to forget.

So why not welcome French blue into our decor? Whether from painting your shutters, to covering your wall, your cupboards or merely an accent here and there throughout the home, the coolness of the color is light, relaxing and draws the inhabitants into a light but also timeless space when used well. Have a look at a handful of rooms below, and if you too would like to add a touch of France into your home through the colors that you choose, don’t hesitate to say yes to the classic French blue hue.

~Images: Click through to the original source by clicking on each image.

17 thoughts on “French Blue, the Decor Color of 2020? Sounds Great to Me!

  1. I think the French Blue is going to take over the ubiquitous grey! It has just enough color yet can still be used as a neutral. French blue shutters on top image is my favorite though!

  2. I painted a previous kitchen’s cabinetry this color. It was so fabulous!

    On a side note, I am also of the mindset that one should leave their Le Creuset pieces out on the stove or shelves for all to enjoy. They add such a brilliant pop of happy color!

    1. Amy…I adore Alexandra Stoddard…I discovered her books while I was in college and her writing and thoughts on how to live beautifully every day completely transformed me. I often page through her books to feel inspired when I’m feeling a bit lackluster or lazy. I remember one of her quotes, which went something like, “Why be out of sorts when you have options?” or “think up!” Small adjustments in our environment and thoughts can make such a difference in the quality of our every day living. Thank you for reminding me of a favorite author! ☃️?

  3. Happy Christmas Shannon and fellow followers! That kitchen with the blue cabinets and open brass shelving along with the warmth of the butcher block island is stunning! I LOVE my kitchen…we did a gut remodel about ten years ago and I followed home design sights and kitchen magazines voraciously for years prior…and it remains a passion. So enjoy following home design and decor…not with an eye on changing my own or longingly wishing I could remodel again…but with pleasure…enjoying the creative skills of others. Thank you for sharing! ☃️?

      1. I so agree, Shannon! Our tastes and asthenics change as we go through life. I often feel that some home design projects…beautiful and inspiring as they are, are missing the soul and heart of the home owners. Rooms decorated with every piece chosen by a designer to look just right can look a bit cold and studied. I’m sure that when the cameras leave real life encroaches on those homes…Dogs flopping on leather chairs they’re not allowed on, goofy photos of loved ones, knickknacks bought on travels, books on bookshelves that may not look appealingly “styled” (I’m talking to you…hopelessly disorganized home library that’s begging to be reorganized this holiday break!)…all the good stuff that makes a home a home. ? At any rate…enjoy your Christmas and thank you for the years of absolutely lovely blogposts and podcasts. They enrich my everyday living!

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