Style Inspiration: Four-Eyes, Five Star Style

Jan 19, 2016

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Something particularly strikingly that caught my eye as I was watching the Golden Globes more than a week ago was the amount of glasses worn by both men and women. Maura Tierney’s dark, over-sized spectacles were certainly my favorite (see below), but what I found was that a style trend that has been quite apparent for years with the younger crowd is now crossing the age boundary. Yes, glasses are chic. Whether you choose classic, round or cat-eyed they reveal a quiet sense of confidence, and also provide better vision (probably more important than the former reason, no?). While prescription glasses can be spendy, and some of us don’t need them, why not try a new frame on the next time you’re at the eye doctor. Who knows, you might just find the signature touch you’ve been looking for.


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3 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Four-Eyes, Five Star Style

  1. What are the name of the glasses in image 2, where the girl with red lipstick is looking at her phone? Nudey brown, boxy frame

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