Flowers & Gardens from Devon on Valentine’s Day

Feb 14, 2019

While it’s still soundly winter in Bend, spring is near. And as it is Valentine’s Day, flowers to be shared are most certainly called for. So I thought we should escape to Devon and explore a beautiful garden that has been under the attention of the same family since 1873.

To sit under the branches of the old orchard tree and breathe deeply the fresh country air, I can think of nothing better quite honestly. Oh, oh! To be reading a book of great pleasure whilst relaxing, yes, that would make it truly perfect.

Today on this Valentine’s Day, I hope you have a wonderful day full of love in all its many forms. After all, with more appreciation of all that we have that is good, we open the door to welcome more of it into our lives than we might ever have imagined.

~Learn the history of the property near Mothecombe, and the tale of the plants that can be found upon the grounds here in House & Garden UK.

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10 thoughts on “Flowers & Gardens from Devon on Valentine’s Day

  1. These scenes from Devon were exactly what I needed to see this cloudy grey morning in Central Ky. I have wanted to visit this area and now it is closer to the top of my travel list.

  2. So pretty, and such a lovely way to start the day. I spotted the first bluebonnets of the year here in Austin, TX on my drive home yesterday, and just the thought of spring being on its way lifted my spirits.

  3. Oooooh these bring such happiness to my heart! I cant wait for spring to be here! Here in Oklahoma, my daffodils and tulips are starting to pop up their greenery. Hopefully they do ok, winter is certainly NOT over! Thanks so much for this inspiration!

  4. Winter only just arrived in Seattle this month. A cozy, warm house with soup on the stove and a stack of books have been wonderful companions – along with a loving spouse, of course.
    The English countryside photos bring such relaxation of heart. Such a lovely place and dear to my heart.
    Stay warm, safe & cozy in Bend.

  5. I used to spend my childhood summers at my grandmother’s house in the neighboring county of Cornwall. When I look at your photos I can almost hear the doves cooing in the background, and smell the special salt-laden air. I remember swimming in sea pools crafted out of the rocky cliffs, and flying my kite on the grassland atop it. And all the tumbledown ruins of castles, higgledy- piggledy cottages, children’s gardens at the back of pubs where we drank shandy, and tea rooms with the best scones, strawberry jam, and of course, clotted cream. Thanks for the memories.

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