Finding My Perfect Nude Pump

Feb 26, 2019

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I have liked a handful of nude pumps, I have been disappointed by a few, I have broken the heel of one pair, and I have worn out my most recent after seven years of appreciated devotion.

About the most recent pair that I finally had to say adieu to, even though it was with great reluctance as they were the most comfortable pair of pumps I have ever worn up until that point:

After two re-soleings, the patent leather gave out on the tip of the toe, and as I had worn it easily at least once per week during the school year, combined with it being my go-to pair for outings and outfits year-round, the cost-per-wear was fewer than $2. Not bad, and all the more reassurance that purchasing quality clothing and accessories is worth the initial sticker shock. (Below: a similar pair from the same design house — Charles David)

The transition to finding my next new nude pump (phew, say that 10 times fast 😉 ), was something I had been quite clear about regarding the designer.

Having been introduced to L.K. Bennett shoes in 2011-12, I had never had my own pair, but found the mid-range price point to be reasonable for the timeless style that was made well and therefore, would last for years. However, at that time I had just purchased my new pair of nude pumps and didn’t need two.

Over the holidays this past winter, I kept my eye on sales to see if their Floret pumps would be reduced – no luck. But then I couldn’t wait anymore – the toes on my old shoes were getting worse, and so last week I purchased a pair from Zappos; however, I have very good news for anyone who is the market as L.K. Bennett is having a Flash Sale right now. Save 25% off with promo code FLASH25. Yep, the timing is perfect for adding this essential 3″ (higher or lower pumps are also available in other designs) pump to your capsule wardrobe.

But back to why my new nude pumps are perfect, more perfect than I thought possible after my previous pair – they fit like a glove. The height is the happy medium (my other pumps had been 3″ as well), they. Fit true to size, and the design is as I had hoped – enabling the leg to be elongated with the pointed toe and a shade of nude that works for my skin tone.

My new pair of nude pumps from L.K. Bennett – Floret in Trench leather, no patent.

Designers have been gradually becoming aware that they need to offer a variety of shades of nude to appeal to their entire customer base, and one such U.K. company is Kahmune (pronounced “commune”). The luxury brand’s sole mission is to “offer an array of footwear styles designed to match the skin tones of ALL women”.

Kahmune footwear

Even if you aren’t someone who wears heels often, if there is an occasion to wear a dress, pants or yes, even jeans in which you want to take it up a notch (my favorite casual look), knowing you have a pair of quality nude pumps that work with your style and skin tone and are comfortable enough to wear for at least six hours is a peace of mind to have on hand.

TSLL Boutique

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11 thoughts on “Finding My Perfect Nude Pump

  1. Hi Shannon,
    I have been looking on line at these too! I’ve never tried on this brand though. Can you tell me are they true to size?
    I find I vary quite a bit in US sizes between 8 and 8.5.
    Kind regards

  2. This could not have come at a better time for me. Getting ready to go to a wedding end of March! I have been trying to find heels to wear with a black fit and flare dress. I find that the nude color doesn’t look good with my skin tone. I was wondering if you could suggest another color? I have not worn a dress and heels in a very long time, and want to get it right! I have tried to find plum color, but usually they are all sold out! I would appreciate any suggestions you might have.
    Thank you!!

    1. Tamra, Great question. The reason I like nude pumps that match the skin tone is that they elongate the look which does not divide the body. The longer and less divided our body, the taller and svelter the silhouette. However, I always love having some color in my closet. The key is for you to determine what colors complement your skin’s undertone – cool, warm or neutral (colorescience offers a detailed post on how to determine this – ), and then choose a color from those options that is your signature – one you love and that speaks to your personality. While you may not be able to find this color now as you are wanting it for a precise outfit and event (I always find, when I need it, it is hard to find, but when I simply keep my eyes open for it, good fortunate is more readily found :)), put this color on your list and shop at consignments, The RealReal (online) and Zappos for a variety of options. Have fun finding what you love, and buy the best quality you can afford so that it can be worn and enjoyed for years to come. 🙂

  3. Great post, thanks for sharing your thoughts! I do LOVE LK Bennett! I must admit, my first purchase from that brand was off of Hautelook – amazing when you can sometimes find luxury items at a serious budget price. 🙂

  4. I hope you have found your perfect nudes, Shannon! I wholly support your idea of buying high-quality classic shoes. I bought a pair of Loboutin patent leather pumps one time i was in Paris. The price seemed outrageous at the time, but I wore them for every special occasion, work dinners etc for eight years. After several rounds at the cobbler’s, they finally gave in last year when I had to do a whole presentation on a broken heal. These wonderful shoes come in a range of different nude colours as well: I guess I will have to take a new trip to Paris!

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