Fête & Repose

Jun 06, 2014

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A weekend to catch one’s breath, a weekend to celebrate graduates, a weekend to . . . whatever we need it to be. I think I need a few more hours of sleep and perhaps an extra long weekend (if only we could request in a moment an extra day off).

Needless to say, this week has been one of celebration and excitement at work as the seniors prepare to walk down the aisle and receive their diplomas. The class of 2014 has revealed themselves to be a group of talented, creative individuals who I am extremely excited to see where their journeys take them.

This week on the blog, this announcement caught readers’ attention and quickly became the top post of the week, and as a result of the posting many of you emailed, commented and tweeted words of cheers and support. I want to thank you for your thoughtfulness, excitement and kindness. I was thoroughly overwhelmed and humbled. I hope to do you proud and continue to share inspiration that will encourage you to live your own simply luxurious life as my journey continues.

Speaking of journeys and self-discoveries, a few posts and videos I thought you might enjoy:

~Take a tour of Katie Rodger’s {Paper Fashion} chic and charming upper east side apartment in Rue magazine.

~Joanna Goddard provides a simple checklist to help you determine if you “Are a Introvert or an Extrovert”

~Tory Burch’s commencement address to Babson graduates a few weeks ago is a wonderful reminder of what it really takes to turn your passion into a successful endeavor . . .


Have a lovely weekend, and until next time, bonjour.


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